USB 2 Upgrade

  peterleemaxwell 10:46 29 Mar 2004

I run XP Pro., I would like to upgrade to USB 2.
The M.B. has only 4 PCI slots which are all being used. I don't want to change the motherboard but still need the upgrade. Is there anything on the market that will allow me to attach to another part of the board? IDE or anywhere else. Hope to get a reply. Thank You.

  Djohn 11:11 29 Mar 2004

Depending on the motherboard there may be a USB2 header on the board itself. Check the manual, if you've not got the manual post the make/model of board and someone will advise.

If you do have the header, you can buy a USB2 front-plate with up to 4 connections. The plate will fit in place of one of your front blanking covers normally used for an optical drive, the wires will then connect onto the header pins. j.

  peterleemaxwell 11:45 29 Mar 2004

Hi Djohn,
The P.C. I bought was from 'Time' and there was no manual for the M.B. The board has only 3 PCI slots and it is a MSI MS-6382(E). Hope this helps.

  stlucia 13:24 29 Mar 2004

That board appears to only have USB 1.1 capability.

  peterleemaxwell 13:27 29 Mar 2004

Hi stlucia,
Thanks for the info. Appreciated.

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