USB 2 Power Hub

  Graphicool1 16:49 10 Jun 2011


Would my PC have to already have USB 2 output, to enable me to use a USB 2 Power Hub?

  Nontek 16:59 10 Jun 2011

No, but it would only work at the slower USB 1 speed.

  Nontek 17:00 10 Jun 2011

Or if it is a Desktop, you could add a USB2 PCI card, very cheap, or if a Laptop, a USB2 PCIA Card.

  Nontek 17:02 10 Jun 2011
  Graphicool1 17:03 10 Jun 2011

Hi Nontek

So would the same thing apply if I installed a USB 2 card? Or would a card come with USB 2 drivers?

  Nontek 17:05 10 Jun 2011

See my link above - a USB2 card would give you full USB2 capabilities.

  Nontek 17:08 10 Jun 2011

To make it clearer, a USB2 Card would give your USB2 Powered Hub full USB2 capabilities.

  Nontek 17:11 10 Jun 2011

You should also check whether you already have USB2 built-in (whether Desktop or Laptop) - Right-click on My Computer then Properties>Hardware>Device Manager and expand USB Serial Bus Controllers, if you then see the word enhanced anywhere at all, you have USB2 built-in.

  Graphicool1 17:26 10 Jun 2011

I see what you mean. They are cheap, until you add half as much again for postage. Which although it still doesn't make it expensive, I just feel they can't weigh that much?

However, I have two Destop PC's. I installed WinXP in both, from the same disk and the installation was identical. The only difference is that the basic make up of one is a higher spec than the other. The lower spec one has USB2, but the higher spec one doesn't and I just can't get my head around the reason. Especially as the high spec one has the 'usbehci' driver. That is why I'm looking at taking this route.

  Graphicool1 17:28 10 Jun 2011

When I said it has the driver, it does, but it doesn't show in 'Device Manager'

  Nontek 17:36 10 Jun 2011

link text This might help.

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