USB 2 and its cables

  Boy Zone 20:57 05 Jan 2003
  Boy Zone 20:57 05 Jan 2003

Hi everyone,
I have recently purchased a Multivision system, which has given me lots and lots of problems. Brought it in October 5th time its been back for repair, £1100 for just a base unit.
My concern is the mother board they use is a DFI board, I thought they were telling me it was MFI or DFS !!!
It is supposed to have USB 2 facilities, how will I check this out, as I will be getting my new USB2 scanner this week, and hopefully my PC back.
Also is there a special cable for USB2 drivers?

Thanks for your advise as always

  powerless 21:11 05 Jan 2003

The same cable is used for USB1 and USB2.

Well the scanner should work either if you have not got the USB2, anyway...

Take it you run XP.

Go to Control panel > System > Hardare > Drvice manager > Universal serial bus controllers > look for "USB 2 Root Hub Device"

  powerless 21:12 05 Jan 2003

Device and Hardware.

  woodchip 21:14 05 Jan 2003

If it's USB2 they will look like normal USB sockets, normal USB1.1 will work in the sockets. If there are no USB2 At the back there will be USB Header pins, the difference in the USB1.1 old and the USB2 new Header pins is that the old pins are normally two row's of four or five pins but the NEW USB PINS have number 2 pin missing

  Boy Zone 21:18 05 Jan 2003

Thanks for your answers

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