USB 2 Installation....advice.

  zinnie 16:20 29 Nov 2004

I pan to install a 4-port USB 2 PCI card. I already have installed a 2-port USB 1 PCI card...should I remove this card before I install the USB 2 card, or can I leave it in without any conflict between the cards.
Anyone have any advice !

  recap 16:32 29 Nov 2004

I have both running on my computer. The only problem I had with the installation was the instructions.

The instruction said to load the drivers first then install the card (Trust). I found it was the other way round.

  woodchip 16:38 29 Nov 2004

Can you close this tread and use one please

  Danoh 16:40 29 Nov 2004

Zinnie, try to stick to just one thread; click here

Yes, you will be able to run both PCI cards but USB 1 (as opposed to 1.1) is such a low bandwidth as to be inconsequentialy now a days.

It would be more advisable to allow better air flow between your PCI cards and especially near your Graphics card, that unless you really need the extra 2 USB 1 ports, you're better off discarding it.

Your USB 2.0 card is backward compatible so all your USB 1.1 and USB 1 devices will still work off those 4 ports.

  Danoh 16:42 29 Nov 2004

WoodChip ~ snap!

Recap ~ could be that your Trust drivers were older than the one that came bundled with your O/S or installed someother way. My Belkin's worked better having the drivers pre-installed first.

  zinnie 17:47 29 Nov 2004

thanks eveyone for your help.
Sorry about the double thread wasn't deliberate..just two clicks.

  Danoh 22:32 29 Nov 2004

Thanks zinnie. And no worries. Hope we've helped.

Any chance of a couple more clicks to tick the other thread as ressolved as well please? click here

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