usb 2 flash drive problem

  THOMAS 19:42 11 Nov 2003

I have a usb flash drive which is not recognised by win xp it pops up the found new hardware wizard (security device) and looks for drivers.This device is not supposed to need drivers for xp.On the makers web site( there are drivers for win 98 and instructions saying no drivers required for xp.How can i use the memory stick if xp looks for drivers when it's not supposed to need them.Shuttle xpc Winxp pro sp1.Any ideas please

  gold 47 20:01 11 Nov 2003

you should have a choice if the driver can't be found choose don't search and tick install from a list or specific location and scroll down to PCMCIA AND FLASH DEVICES and click next and see what comes up don't know if this will work though
worth a try.

  FEISAR 20:04 11 Nov 2003

Do you have any other USB devices currently installed and if so do they work correctly?

  THOMAS 20:47 11 Nov 2003

Yes i have other usb devices which are working ok.I have already tried to install from a specific
location but there are no generic drives for those devices.

  FEISAR 21:17 11 Nov 2003

I have heard that USB 2 devices are still having a few teething troubles. Microsoft are also correcting some things with it for XP service pack 2. Stupid question but does your flash drive only run as a USB 2 device? And if so does your motherboard support USB 2?

  zanwalk 22:20 11 Nov 2003

USB2 devices are backwards compatable with USB1, so it is irrelevant whether the motherboard is USB2 or not.

  CDL 23:37 11 Nov 2003

I had the same problem with a TinyDisk flash drive.After a long argument with the supplier (SAVASTORE) it was acknowledged that there was a known issue with the memory itself and eventually I got a refund. I then bought a bigger BETTER,cheaper one ( SUMVISION )off the local market stall!It has been perfect and does everything it's supposed to do. I swap it about between 98 (which requires a driver installation),ME and XP - magic.

  gold 47 01:51 12 Nov 2003

Try this one go to device manager click on your USB controllers and update the drivers on all click on install from list or specific location and click on the driver that comes up then click next the driver will install if your flash drive still won't work looks like that is at fault.

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