Usb 2 dilemma

  dawnh 02:28 24 Jul 2008

Hi i am hoping someboy can help me with regards to this issue please. I just a few days ago purchased a . "maxtor one touch 4 " external haddrive with a 1Tb capacity because my 320 Gb one is full. This new drive came with a usb 2 cable( well it says in the instructions guide that it is usb 2), whereas my old one is conneceted via usb 1. I decided to transfer a 700Mb file from my laptop to this new usb 2 harddrive. After reading about fast transfer rates, such as 480 mb per second,and i remember reading somewhere else that it is 40 times faster than usb 1 , I was expecting it to be quick but I instead found that it took a couple of minutes, about the same time as my drive connected by usb 1. I also noticed that the transfer speed kept changing during this small transfer and the fastest it reached was 10mb per second. I connnected it directly into one of the ports onto my laptop , not into my hub as I have heard this can slow it down, and i also disconnected all other devices from my computer incase this slowed it down too.
My dilemma is that I have 320 Gb of stuff to transfer (from old drive to new), and at this speed it will take me forever. I truly believed that USB would be alot more efficient but it seems not. I am thinking maybe the cable is not usb 1 as stated on the packaging and instructions but usb 1. I dont know how to find out if it is usb 1 or 2, and hope somebody can advise me how can go about it. I have been to the device mamager but the only info I got was usb device. It did not state whether it was usb 1 or 2.

I am aware that this may sound like a trivial matter but I am quite confused and would appreciate any help please


  ACOLYTE 03:18 24 Jul 2008

If you have USB2 on your laptop it will say Standard Enhanced USB Host controller,in device manager,under the universal serial bus controller heading when you click it.
Im not sure how to see if the new drive is usb2 or not,it will only run at usb1 speed if you dont have usb2 on the laptop.

  DieSse 11:46 24 Jul 2008

"This new drive came with a usb 2 cable( well it says in the instructions guide that it is usb 2), whereas my old one is conneceted via usb 1"

If your old one was connected to a USB2 port, then it was probably running at USB2 speed - the cables (unless they are of poor quality, make no difference. In fact there is no specification to distinguish between a USB1 and a USB2 cable. Good quality USB cables run at both speeds.

And typically no disk drive can run sustainedly as fast as 480Mbps - so you'll never get up to the full speed of the port.

However 10Mbps sounds slow - but it can be due to other factors - don't forget the file also has to be simultaneously written to another drive - which can slow things down a lot if the system is low powered, low on RAM, or just busy.

Also you need to make it clear what units you are using

bps = bits per second

Bps = Bytes per second, which is 8 times slower than bps.

  DieSse 11:55 24 Jul 2008

click here

One Touch 4 specs. Note the fastest sustaind transfer rate is only about half of the USB2 theoretical maximum speed.

If the files are fragmented on the drive, it will be significantly slower. And that's just reading from the drive - writing to it will be slower again.

And the data has to be read from the internal drive, which can be slowed by lots of things - including fragmentation, busyness of system, etc.

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