U.S.B. 2 Conversion

  [DELETED] 01:47 19 Oct 2003

HI , I am using a system with a 2gb AMD processor, 512mb memory running XP Home. I use it mainly for audio copying, (vinyl to C.D.) and photo editing and rebuilding. I am now just getting started on Video editing, using the Pinnacle USB box, which is USB2 compliant. It will run on USB 1, but I am considering installing a USB2 conversion. Has anyone had any experience of this type of conversion? Is it Worth doing when the cam-corder set up is the only USB2 equipment that I use? Can I still use the USB 1 slots already installed or will they be replaced by the new slots?
Any advice or help welcome.
Regards, Wotan

  [DELETED] 05:39 19 Oct 2003

if you use a pci usb2 card it will run just fine under xp
m.e-98 may not be able to do usb 2

  [DELETED] 06:53 19 Oct 2003

usb2 is about 10 times faster than usb1. you can use ya camcorder on a usb1 slot.

ya say that ya have a 2gb amd cpu, so you must have either 2600+, 2700+ or higher. if ya have a motherboard that can take a cpu this high it could already have usb2 ports on it. post back ya make of motherboard or check the makers web site.

  [DELETED] 01:14 20 Oct 2003

Thanks for the feed-back. Goonerbill, I am using my camcorder with the existing usb1, but it is very slow and I am looking for an increase in speed when editing the video. I get a warning message each time I connect up the camera and movie-box to the computer informing me that 'a usb2 device has been detected, but the system is not equipped with usb2 ports, and suggests I take appropriate steps to upgrade the connection'. I will check the motherboard and makers site as you suggest and get back a.s.a.p.
Thanks, Wotan.

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