USB 1.1 hub won't work off USB 2.0 PCI card

  Danoh 21:13 22 Oct 2004

Win XP SP 2, 4-in-1 Via drivers updated for Asus A7v266a MoBo (VIA KT266a Chipset).

Belkin USB 1.1 7-port powered hub (F5U028ukOE) has been working fine for >2 yrs with Broadband Cable modem, mouse, camera, compact-flash card reader connected.

Installed Belkin USB 2.0 5-port PCI card (F5U220) and Device Manager shows all USB root hubs present and correct. My Sandisk USB 2.0 memory pen/drive stops the useful moan about being connected to a slower 1.1 port. So all's well.

Until I try to connect the USB 1.1 hub to run off the new USB 2.0 PCI port. The usual LED lights no longer light up. The system locks up.

I thought USB 2.0 was supposed to be backward compatible with 1.1 products? Especially from the same manufacturer?

Any ideas as to what I could try to fix this please? (Have gone through previous threads but none seem to have this issue).

Also, a supplementary question. I can't see why a good quality USB cable which is not marked as "USB 2.0" won't allow 480Mbps capability and force it to drop down to 12Mbps. So surely there is no need to pay extra for the specially badged "USB 2.0" products?

Many thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.

  gold 47 21:44 22 Oct 2004

Plug the USB hub into the old USB 1.1 socket on the back of your computer i would have thought backwards compatible means printer scanner ect.
Also have you bought USB2 cable?

  Danoh 00:21 23 Oct 2004

Thank you. Yes that does work but I would have liked it to run off the new PCI card instead.

I have yet to try another USB 1.1 device such as my printer (which currently goes straight to a MoBo port).

Disapointed that the USB 1.1 hub was not backward compatible though.

No, I did not buy a USB2 cable as the wiring would have to be seriously bad to reduce the capacity down so much, and the one I have is pretty substantial.

  Migwell 00:54 23 Oct 2004

What difference will a USB2 cable make?
Thought that a USB cable was just that, a USB cable!

  Danoh 16:01 23 Oct 2004

There are some cheap but poor quality USB cables which are not built to match the USB standard specification. The loss incurred during data transmission would reduce the throughput but my perspective is that it would not be so drastic as to reduce it down to USB 1.1 levels if you have USB capabilities at either end of the cable.

Would welcome other thoughts on why a Belkin USB 1.1 hub won't work when connected to a Belkin USB 2.0 PCI card.

  Bloodnok 17:02 23 Oct 2004

its not going to help you but I too have teh same problem in trying to get a PCI card with 6 slots to be recognised by my system and I also get the same blasted message telling me I should disconnect/reconnect so that the hub finds whats on the other end.

I have uninstalled evry item apperatining to USB in system amanger and rebooted which works fine unrill you switch off and reboot, then back comes teh same message telling me it will run faster on USB2

Some one out there must know the answer!!

  gold 47 17:32 23 Oct 2004

Printers and DSL modems do pull the power on these cards that is why i now run the DSL modem from the older USB 1.1 socket.
I was wondering why try to use a USB1.1 hub plugged into a USB2 in the first place!!
As nothing will be gained by this as it is not a USB2 hub.
I hope i'm not appearing rude it's not meant tobe.

  Danoh 04:52 24 Oct 2004

gold 47; not at all.

I only have 2 USB1.1 ports at the rear of my PC to which the printer and the 7-port (powered) USB hub are connected. I would like to free up one of the USB1.1 ports to connect my cable modem to, which is USB1.1 as well, rather than the USB1.1 hub.

I can sacrifice 1 of the 5 USB2.0 ports to connect my USB hub to and still have 4 available for a USB2.0 powered hub, more conveniently accessible than the rear of my PC.

Bloodnok; my card is all connected up fine and USB2.0 devices working with no problems. Its only when I connect my USB1.1 hub to the USB2.0 PCI card that the system locks up, etc.

  Danoh 14:32 24 Oct 2004

reading Sailorbouy's thread click here it could be that the USB2.0 PCI card is configured as a hub. And a comment that USB hubs connected to another USB hub causes problems?

Any one able to confirm this in their experience please?

  Danoh 19:06 24 Oct 2004

Bump... to the top

  Danoh 11:46 25 Oct 2004

Called Belkin tech support (toll free! :-) who advised me to uninstall the PCI card first, then install the drivers from the supplied CD-ROM instead of relying on Win-XP drivers.

Re-install PCI card and re-try connecting USB1.1 Hub to PCI card ports.

Will post back when I've had time to do that, but would welcome any other suggestions in the meantime.

Thanks y'all!

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