USB 1.1 to 2.0 - Easy to convert?

  POLECAT2 18:19 27 Dec 2003

How easy is it to convert from USB 1.1 to 2.0 and is it worth the effort.Many thanks in advance for any response

  AubreyS 18:26 27 Dec 2003

Buy a PCI USB 2.0 card, install it and thats it! Any USB 1.0 device that you install will work at the slower speed of course. What O/S do you have?

  POLECAT2 18:33 27 Dec 2003

XP Home Edition.

  AubreyS 18:43 27 Dec 2003


You should have no problem. The only thing that I have which is USB2 is a Maxtor USB hard drive and you do notice the difference. But as I say, if you have USB1 devices they will only work at the lower USB1 speed. Any problems and just come back to the forum.

Good luck.

  billyliv 19:48 27 Dec 2003

Hi, Go for the PCI USB 2 card but try and get one with internal header pins. I got one from the States with 2 external sockets and 4 sets of internal header pins so that when I installed a front panel 7 in 1 Card Reader with 2 USB and 1 Firewire socket everything connects to the PCI card (Except the Firewire Port which needs a PCI card on its own). Cheers, Bill

  Big Elf 20:13 27 Dec 2003

Make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed. This provides full USB 2.0 support in XP.

  POLECAT2 20:34 27 Dec 2003

Thanks Guys, this answers my question perfectly.

  MAGGX 20:00 28 Dec 2003

Hi just to tack on to the add to the following . Ive had the same problem installing a usb2 which came with a Cannon scanner, which still comes up with a problem installing from the hardware wizard (xp) Ive read the past comments and installed the service pack 1 from windows but still no joy any ideas. Thanks.

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