USB 1 and USB2 compataability

  bruno 10:58 07 Jul 2005

I have just bought a USB 2 card with four outputs.I already had two usb hubs,one powered and one not.Will these two"old fashioned" hubs pass signals at the same speed as USB 2,or do I have to buy a special USB 2 hub.Will they restrict the speed to USB1 standard?

  Pooke 11:05 07 Jul 2005
  De Marcus 11:10 07 Jul 2005

Usb 1.1 (old fashioned as you say:-)) is compatible with usb 2 and vice versa, so they will work in harmony with each other. However, if you plug the usb 1.1 hub into a usb2 socket, the speed will be reduced to usb1.1 speeds. Similarily if you plug a usb2 hub into a usb1.1 socket the speed is reduced.

The only way to achieve full usb2 speed is to plug directly into a usb2 socket without any kind of usb1.1 device in the chain, unless of course the device is usb2.

Think of it like this. Usb is as fast as it's slowest part.

  bruno 11:18 07 Jul 2005

Thank you POOKE.That post answered my question perfectly.The USB 1 hub will reduce whatever you put into it to that speed.Just what I suspected.Quick reply,thanks.

  De Marcus 11:22 07 Jul 2005

Must learn to type quicker :-)

  woodchip 11:41 07 Jul 2005

If you are running anything other than XP you will have problems without drivers for USB2 to run at any greater speed than USB1

  bruno 11:42 07 Jul 2005

Thanks Demarcus,you must have posted while I was reading the article.As I suspected,thought I had better make sure.I don't have much USB 2 yet so I will go direct with camera until I need to expand.

  bruno 11:43 07 Jul 2005

I am running XP Pro,so I am ok on that score Woodchip.

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