USB 1 and USB 2 with Scanner Problem

  [DELETED] 14:59 10 Oct 2003

I have recently had a new motherboard and hard disc fitted and am in the process of rebuilding my system. I now find that I am having problems with my scanner installation.
Computer running XP home . The motherboard has both Usb1 and Usb2 ports though which is which I have not been able to determine. If I plug my CanoScan D1250U2F into ANY of the usb ports it tells me that the device is not recognised. I started to doubt the cable and plugged in a 4 port external usb hub. Loh and behold the scanner is now recognised and it works. BUT I am now being plagued with an message telling me that a Usb2 device is plugged into a Non high speed hub and that I should move it to a Usb2 port. We now go round in circles. Cant find a Usb2 port even though they are identified as such in the device manager. Please can you help to make sense of this, or tell me how to stop the error message. What am I doing wrong here.
Thanks in advance for your help.

  [DELETED] 15:06 10 Oct 2003

Have you installed the Mobo drivers yet??

  [DELETED] 15:09 10 Oct 2003

Does the scanner work on the other hubs, but just cause problems? Have you got SP1 loaded (it wont recognise USB2's otherwise)?

I've got a similar problem with an Epson 1660.... click here ..but my works, I just have to unplug the USB cable...

  [DELETED] 15:11 10 Oct 2003

Have you got SP1 loaded (it wont recognise USB2's otherwise)?

It will if you have the Mobo USB2 drivers installed. SP1 just adds "native" support for USB2 devices.

  [DELETED] 15:15 10 Oct 2003

but my works, I just have to unplug the USB cable... Or even my scanner works....;o)

  [DELETED] 15:20 10 Oct 2003

Hello Jester, I'll get me coat ;o))) I didnt think XP did pick up USB2 at all, thanks for the correction.....

  [DELETED] 15:36 10 Oct 2003

"I didnt think XP did pick up USB2 at all," I'm not gonna use this work's PC again it left out "without SP1"....:o))

  [DELETED] 15:40 10 Oct 2003

Windows 98SE and above will all pick up USB2 with the USB2 drivers installed.

SP1 for Win XP just added "native" (or built in) support for USB 2 devices.

  [DELETED] 15:44 10 Oct 2003

I believe that MESH loaded Sp1 and when I look into Device Manager I see that USB2 ports are available but where are they? Prior to my motherboard frying and the machine having to go back to MESH the scanner worked via a PCI usb2 board without any trouble. It is now working on the usb1 port hub and in all honesty I cant say that I notice any great difference in the speed from what it was ,to how it is now. BUT this error message is really getting to me

  [DELETED] 19:22 10 Oct 2003


  [DELETED] 20:04 10 Oct 2003

Sp1 will/may should show in the Add/remove programs.Also, Look in systems information and systems summary should show,

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation.
ALSO,open up systems icon via control panel and it will tell you Service Pack 1 there.

You say,"I see that USB2 ports are available"
Have you checked out the properties in the list of the usb hubs when all is in and running,which will tell you what USB hadware is pluged and running.

"BUT this error message is really getting to me"

I have just installed a CanoScan scanner Lide 50 for a friend,the same message came up when entered into the wrong usb port Winxp.

AFTER thinking (if that's allowed) i felt that the message was generated from the Cannon software,so you may find that you have to reinstall the software for your scanner to get rid off.--------As i said,thinking cannot be certain :)

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