usb 1 to usb 2

  carvers 16:21 26 Aug 2003

i have a presario 919ea laptop preloaded with xp home and have recently installed service pack 1 which i understood would upgrade my usb1 ports to usb2 ports but on plugging in a recently purchased belkin usb2 port hub my system is reporting that 'the generic usb hub is a hi speed usb device and will function at reduced speed when plugged into a non hi speed port'.
the usb controller on my system is = ali pci to usb open host controller according to the compaq diagnostics. am i misunderstanding all this or should it show as a hi speed port?
any advice would be much appreciated. i have searched on the microsoft site for info but kept getting lost amongst all the technical speak.

  mdshamilton 16:30 26 Aug 2003

I understood that the difference between USB 1 and USB 2 was hardware related, and a software update wouldn't upgrade the USB type.

  woodchip 16:31 26 Aug 2003

You cannot do it you need also a hardware update as its a laptop it's no go. If you had a Desktop you could fit a USB2 card

  JFT 16:33 26 Aug 2003

Your USB ports are hardware dependant. ie you cant upgrade from USB1 To USB2 with software , you would have to insert an USB2 PCI card , which i dont think you can do on a laptop.Hope this helps!

  malgall 16:37 26 Aug 2003

usb 2 is a hardware upgrade not software
not only do the usb ports need to be changed for usb2 ports you will only get usb 2 sppeds if the device say a scanner or printer is also usb 2
it will still work if it is not but at usb1 speeds in fact a usb product 1 or 2 will work in any usb 1 or 2 port you will only get usb 2 speeds if both are usb 2

  carvers 16:42 26 Aug 2003

thanks to those that took the time to reply i thought somehow that it would not be as easy as i thought but i am still on a learning curve so again thanks to all.

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