USB 1 or 2

  ptrafc 17:13 30 Mar 2004

I have a Mesh PC which is barely 2 month old. I'm unsure how to tell whether the USB ports are USB 1 or 2. How can you tell? Or will my ports support both. I getting a printer tomorrow so I don't want to get one that wont work! I got a joystick and joypad with the system, but they just say USB on them.
Thanks for any replies.

  bvw in bristol 17:21 30 Mar 2004

2 months old? Almost certainly USB2.

To check go into Device Manager, click on the USB Controllers + sign, it will show as USB2 or the word enhanced for USB2.

  Sir Radfordin 17:21 30 Mar 2004

It is quite likely that they will be USB 2.0 as it has been around for a while now - try checking the motherboard manual that normally comes with the PC to see what that says, or the original invoice from when you bought it.

If they are USB 1 and you buy a USB 2 printer it will work just fine as they are backward compatible.

Only with file transfer do you need the speed offered by USB 2.0 so a USB 1.0 printer will be no quicker than the same printer on a USB 2.0 connection.

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