USB 1 integral card reader to USB2 header?

  hssutton 20:36 15 Jun 2003

MSI K7N2 M/board running 98se. It appears that I cannot connect my 6 in 1 integral card reader which is USB1 to the one and only USB2 header on the above board. Can anyone confirm this. If my assumption is correct is there anyway around this?.

Many thanks.

  LastChip 21:07 15 Jun 2003

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What makes you think you can't?

  hssutton 22:13 15 Jun 2003

LastChip. Because I just cannot get it to work. if I connect the Reader to the USB2 header the Pc will not boot. when I use the USB port supplied by MSI, this will work when connected to the USB2 header, This port is USB 1/2

  LastChip 22:47 15 Jun 2003

Have you loaded the USB drivers for the device?

In general terms, with USB, you load the drivers BEFORE connecting the device.

The other thing that strikes me, is that Microsoft do not provide support for USB 2.0 under Windows 98(se), only Win 2K and XP, and I think one variant of NT, therefore, it could very well be a software problem. It may be worth checking the vendors site for any driver up-dates or advice (patches) to overcome the problem.

  woodchip 22:53 15 Jun 2003

The header for USB 2 on the motherboard is different to a USB 1.1 The pin configuration is different

  woodchip 22:55 15 Jun 2003

PS it can be done if the are separate connectors but a USB 1.1 is a plug

  hssutton 23:04 15 Jun 2003

Thanks woodchip thats the conclusion I was arriving at. It would seem my daughters, Fathers Day present will have to go back to the supplier. Unless some can tell me which wire is which and where I can get the seperate connectors from.

  woodchip 23:10 15 Jun 2003

You can get a USB card Reader that's what I have but rarely use it a jenreader by jenoptix about £20

  hssutton 10:21 16 Jun 2003

DieSse Many thanks. the reader pin assignments are a little different from the norm and are labelled 1 SGND, 2 GND, 3 DP, 4 DM, 5 VCC. would you consider DP to be the positive.Pin 9 is blanked off

woodchip. My apologies as I think I may have confused you. When I said "integral" I meant internal to the PC not "Integral" the manufacturer. I have in fact been using a Flash card reader for a couple of years.

  woodchip 11:30 16 Jun 2003

No you got it right I just mentioned the Reader just so you would have one external rather than infernal if you took the old one back as DieSse above I have done that also at the side of the plug you can see a little slot to press a tab in so it will let you withdraw the wire and connector the vcc should be the red wire. 1 SGND, 2 GND are black you only need one of these red goes to pine one on the motherboard not shure about the rest you will have to check you motherboard manual

  hssutton 19:52 19 Jun 2003

DieSse & Woodchip

I eventually got the reader to work, I swopped over DP & DM still would not work but the PC would boot. After removing pin 10 labeled SGND all was OK. Many thanks for your help

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