USA v UK dictionaries! Advice please!

  pcbobby 10:08 10 Feb 2006

After the careful installation of MS Word 97, I found that it contained USA English dictionaries, so I reinstalled Microsoft Word 97.
Again I was very careful to select language, English (British, UK).
Yet again, the spellchecker is still, English United States.
Also the keyboard has now acquired USA format. [email protected] instead of “ etc etc.
I have used the Keyboard facility in the Control Panel, but it will not accept any corrections.

Any suggestions on how I can rectify these anomalies?

  pcbobby 11:45 10 Feb 2006

Even if someone could help with regard to the keyboard problem, it would help.Thanks.

  pc_sausage 11:58 10 Feb 2006

In MS Word click on 'Tools', 'Language', 'Set Language'

You should find 'English (U.K.)' on the list. Click on it & 'Default' and hopefully you should be off.

Shouldn't need to be uninstalled / re-installed

  pcbobby 12:06 10 Feb 2006

pc_sausage, thank you. That has sorted out the problem in MS Word.

Just the keyboard problemnow!

  spuds 12:07 10 Feb 2006

This is an interesting question. I use a couple of English/English (?) spell checkers, but I still find that the English/American sometimes crops up.I put this down to the software,in the main, being manufactured and produced or licensed in the US.

  Monument 12:17 10 Feb 2006

For the keyboard. Control Panle then Regional and Language Options. Then languages then Details. Here you can set the keyboard language in Installed services.

  pcbobby 12:26 10 Feb 2006

Monument. I did check Regional Settings in the Control Panel. They are set for UK.

Sorry, I forgot to say that the OS is Win 98SE.

When try to set the UK language in the KEYBOARD settings in the Control Panel, a box opens asking thay I insert 98SE CD ROM to search for KBDUK.KBD;wIN98_50 CA.
Na matter how hard I try I cannot locate this file/ref

Any tips?

  vinnyT 13:05 10 Feb 2006

When you put the 98 cd in the drive you have to aim it at a folder on the cd, I think it's
*:\windows (where * is your cd drive, click ok, it should then load the driver/file it needs.

Hope this helps.

  pcbobby 13:54 10 Feb 2006

vinnyT, I shall have a go at that.

  pcbobby 14:06 10 Feb 2006

The CD ROM worked this time, keyboard is now UK format!

Thank you to everyone for help.

  vinnyT 14:51 10 Feb 2006


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