USA to uk video

  postie 21:56 14 Jul 2004

Is there a prog that can convert U.S, video to uk video ????

  MichelleC 22:42 14 Jul 2004

The problem isn't converting ntsc to pal it's getting it onto and from pc. Most good dv editing progs (I use movie studio 3.0 click here) will 'render' from one format to other (but it takes 3 times longer than usual); ie; if you capture in ntsc and then render in pal 10gb takes about 9 hours instead of 3.

  €dstowe 06:35 15 Jul 2004

The first problem is getting a VCR to play an NTSC tape. They are somewhat unusual in the UK.

Note that the normal VCR that plays NTSC tapes does a "pseudo" conversion which is unsuitable for video processing.


  johnnyrocker 08:34 15 Jul 2004

virtually all panasonic vcr' will play ntsc i think you will find.


  €dstowe 08:46 15 Jul 2004

If all you want to do is play NTSC tapes on your television, then most modern VCR machines can do this.

However, there is a difference between true NTSC playing and the conversion that many VCR players make to allow NTSC tapes to play on PAL television sets.

What is needed to do this properly is a real NTSC player. The conversion to PAL can then be done in the PC.

AIWA make an NTSC/PAL/SECAM converter (any one format to any other) but these are very rare. Also they aren't very good as the converted picture suffers a lot in the processing. Much better to do the conversion in the PC.

  postie 21:27 16 Jul 2004

Thanks guys postie

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