nobbyhigo 15:37 06 May 2007

i have the choice of buying a used laptop while i am in the usa on holiday there are three to choose from and are hp compaq nx9010 could anyone tell me if there are any pitfalls or points i need to know .one i know has wi fi 2.5/192/40hd winxp pro

  Graham. 15:43 06 May 2007
  rodriguez 15:47 06 May 2007

You need to find out if it's power supply can handle our voltage - the mains electric that comes through our UK sockets is 230v and in the USA it's only 115 or 120. So if it can't handle our voltage when you plug it in here (even with a socket adapter) it could blow or catch fire. It should have what voltages it can accept on a label on the power supply - if it says something like 110v - 240v 50/60Hz then it will be fine and you just need to use a UK plug adapter to make it fit into a 3-pin UK socket (or use a UK 3-pin power lead if the cable detaches).

  chub_tor 15:47 06 May 2007

1. The charger adaptor will be for 120V 60 Hz - easily remedied by using a stepdown transformer from Maplins or by buying a replacement charger.

2. The keyboard will not have a £ sign and will also have the @ and " keys transposed. You can configure Windows to make the keyboard think that it is a UK one but you will either have to remember that the keys are wrong or put sticky tape etc with the correct markings.

3. It will almost certainly be set up to have USA time and dictionary, but you can reset that in Windows.

Other than that it will work OK

  nobbyhigo 15:59 06 May 2007

it says power requirements are AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz) is that ok

  chub_tor 16:03 06 May 2007

If that is printed on the charger power pack then all you will need is a simple travel adapter - ehich you can purchase in the USA that will convert their flat 3 pin arrangement to a UK 13A plug.

  Belatucadrus 16:04 06 May 2007

Remembering the old chestnuts of VAT when you bring it back to the UK and warranty coverage, some manufacturers get very shirty about grey imports and refuse to touch them if anything goes wrong. I know you said used, but it's still worth considering.
Most laptop power supplies are dual voltage and can handle UK and US power supplies with ease, but do check first.

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