us robotics 9003 adsl router

  User-5D094274-F6F1-40C9-A62B45E4E12E357E 16:05 08 Nov 2005

hi, has anybody out there got the correct settings for a us robitics 9003 adsl router so that i can connect to the internet via aol? have contacted both aol and us robitics, they were no help at all! all settings for the router would be great! i am running xp home edition.

  lucas06 21:46 23 Dec 2005

Hi, i think i have a solution to your problem! i had exactly the same issues as you on aol with the same router and i phoned US Robotics and got a older version of their firmware from a web site that they gave me over the phone, i think the problem lies within the new firmware that gets installed automatically because it just doesnt seem to like aol for some reason, also im running xp home edition, please get back to me on this because if this doesnt work i can give you some more info on the settings within the router the paticular file you want from US Robotics is USR9003_20040317_43E2EA8A.bin and i can almost guarantee this will fix your problem for good at least it did for me, all the best

  lucas06 21:51 23 Dec 2005

Also should you need this file sooner i can send you it or just give you a link and what to click on to get it

  Elysianfields 13:13 31 Dec 2005

HI Lucas & Bulleteaston,
I am having the same problem i think. I bought the 9003 yesterday and i use AOL9. I have set up the modem and configured AOL9 to access using TCP/IP settings rather than DSL like they say to do, But whenever i try and log in it says 'DNS unreachable or unavaliable'.
It says the firewall could be to blame, but i have even disabled this, and to no avail.
The modem is working and i have completed the ping tests. If i change modem back to my speedtouch 330 and change login to DSl i connect to AOL fine and everytime. Any Ideas??
XP Proffesional
Ethernet connection to 9003

  lucas06 10:30 01 Jan 2006

Hi, i feel the problem will be solved easily if you contact US Robotics and ask for USR9003_20040317_43E2EA8a.bin firmware they will guide you to the site where you can get the download if you ring them on 0870 8444 546 it wont fail, also i would only enter pppoa settings and turn the firewall back on because thats how mine is set up on aol 9, let me know how you get on

  electron1948 10:39 09 Jan 2006

Can anyone advise the output voltage and polarity of the PSU for this router? My friend is in process of moving house they the packes have inadvertantly packed and shipped his PSU!!

Many, many thanks for any help.

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