URGENT:Monitor troubles on my laptop

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 13:11 25 Mar 2003

the screen on my laptop does not display anything and remains black i tried an external monitor and it works fine i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. i thought maybe a setting in windows? please get in touch if you have any idea's.

Thanks ;-)

  graham 13:37 25 Mar 2003

Sounds like the light tube has gone, don't think you can mend those but stick around for the professionals!

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 15:52 25 Mar 2003

you say it cant be mended? so have i got to go buy a whole new laptop?

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 15:59 25 Mar 2003

after hearing this rather dissapointing news i was wondering how heavy a flat panel display is could i carry one of these around with me aswell as the laptop?

  Belatucadrus 17:02 25 Mar 2003

Have you tried adjusting the brightness & contrast, my laptop has on occasion lost the settings and the screen appears black, but can be brought back with a bit of judicious fiddling.

  Alex B 17:42 25 Mar 2003

sometimes on the laptops F keys ie f4/f5 there is a monitor symbol if you press ctrl and this you may get your screen back. i have to do that with mine when using a powerpoint projector

  graham 18:14 25 Mar 2003

Don't despair just yet, the evening shift is coming on. In the meantime, could you ascertain which kind of screen you have, Backlit, Passive-Matrix or Active-Matrix. If not, the make and model. As the above suggestions, see if there is an external brightness control. You shouldn't need a new laptop, at the worst a new screen.

  spikeychris 18:20 25 Mar 2003
  graham 18:04 26 Mar 2003

It may not have a light tube.

  BlueMeanie 21:15 26 Mar 2003


Like Alex B says you could have activated the external monitor only option (I have impressed colleagues when I have "mended" their laptop within seconds).

Look for a picture of a screen on one of the top F - Function keys. Using Control or another key ie Fn (bottom left on a Toshiba) can activate the key.


  Happy1 23:13 26 Mar 2003

I use a Samsung and F3 is the LCD/CRT in Green also F4 for standby. Fn key is also bottom left. I often knock off screen by accident. when looking elsewhere when typing.

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