Urgently need help with a malfunctioning computer.

  regoating 14:19 01 May 2015

So for about the last year to year and a half my computer has had a variety of major problems. When I log into my PC, it takes about 5 mins before I can open any programmes. Steam, Google Chrome etc. are constantly not responding so I have to close them down. However, when I try to re-open them they do nothing. Even if I try to shut them down in task manager, it won't let me and I am forced to restart my computer to be able to use them again. Sometimes when i'm playing a game on Steam, the game will freezer, before I tab out and Steam has crashed meaning I have to restart my PC AGAIN! This is extremely problematic and I really am out of ideas. I don't have any idea what the problem is although I have had suspicions of a major virus or trojan.

Please somebody solve my problem, but any advice is greatly appreciated.

  Ian in Northampton 14:34 01 May 2015

The first question has to be: what operating system are you using, and when did you last do a fresh install? The symptoms you describe are often associated with a PC that, over time, has just got filled up with all manner of crud. I also suspect that a million programs may be automatically starting up when you boot the PC: that would explain the symptoms too. You can find out what's starting up by going to msconfig. The fact that, other than it being incredibly slow and unresponsive, it still works tells me it's unlikely (but not impossible) to be some form of malware.

  john bunyan 14:54 01 May 2015

Also, suggest you download and run CCleaner from : Piriform

This should clear old browsing history.

Download, and run Malawarebytes from : Filehippo

Also download and run ADWCleaner from : Bleeping Computer

Do come back with news , esp of start up programmes.

  regoating 15:03 01 May 2015

Thankyou both for the replies. Ian, I am operation on Windows 7 and I have not freshly installed since the very first one. If you could give me some advice as to what I should do, I would be very grateful.

  Ian in Northampton 15:15 01 May 2015

As reinstalling can be a challenge if you haven't done it before, I'd certainly a) look at john bunyan's suggestions, especially CCleaner, and b) check what's loading on startup. If CCleaner and reducing startup programs doesn't work (and, btw, there would be no harm in running the other stuff jb suggests), then would be the time to look at reinstalling Windows.

  john bunyan 15:24 01 May 2015

In addition to Ian's thoughts, I know some feel that defragmenting is a boy unnessary, I found recently on a granddaughters PC, well over 500 fragments. It would be worth downloading and running Auslogics Disk Defragmenter. Filehippo

Also run CCleaner's (gentle) registry cleaner. (after the "normal" one).

  john bunyan 15:25 01 May 2015

I meant 5000 fragmemnts

  regoating 15:52 01 May 2015

Thankyou very much for the help.

  john bunyan 17:45 01 May 2015

Do come back with results.

  robin_x 18:07 01 May 2015

I consider Unchecky almost essential these days.

Especially when downloading from some sites.

(Filehippo is bundling with some downloads.)

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