urgently neded EP-4PLMI xp pro drivers

  vincent1 18:04 08 Sep 2009

hi can any one help with a pc i have been asked to sort out its a EP-4PLMI i need the ethernet driver and multimedia drives as the brother inlaw has just got broadband and cant connect to the net i have tried various links but none seem to work cheers and hoping vince

  johndrew 19:18 08 Sep 2009

click here or click here

You may also get your answers here click here

  GaT7 19:30 08 Sep 2009

Try the ones at click here.

For a start, can you let us know the motherboard chipset & network adapters.

To do so, download SIW click here (standalone version), run it & look under Hardware > Motherboard. What are the North bridge & South bridge (under the 'Value' column)?

In the same test, look under Hardware > Network Adapters. Let us know all the network adapters listed there.

Btw, the closest I could find on the Epox website is an EP-4PLAI click here. Cannot download anything from that site though (as we found in this recent thread click here)! G

P.S. For the info I asked above, you can also do a couple of screenshots if you think that might be easier (instructions in this post if you need to know how)

  GaT7 19:32 08 Sep 2009

Do NOT use the first two links in johndrew's post or the first one in mine. It only seems to download some shareware driver update program! G

  rdave13 20:00 08 Sep 2009

Found this; click here
You will need to click on 'page' in Internet Explorer and select 'Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer'.Drivers are there for 4PLMI.

  Stuartli 20:25 08 Sep 2009

I presume this attempt wasn't successful..?

click here

Contradicting advice re chipsets it would appear.

Only the Bios update seems to be available, plus Realtek audio.

click here

  Terry Brown 20:47 08 Sep 2009

You need to load the motherboard drivers first to activate the ethernet system, XP does not activate it.
look at this apge.
click here=

  GaT7 22:23 08 Sep 2009

rdave13's link works very well (even if downloading is a little slow).

click here & enter epoxsupport in both fields to login & download. G

  vincent1 22:29 08 Sep 2009

thanks to everyone who sent help rdave13 site worked first time can any one help with my own pc its a fujitsu siemans
3.00ghz p4 1gb ram windows xp pro i need all drivers if possible

  Stuartli 00:21 09 Sep 2009

Have you tried Googling for them?

  Terry Brown 16:12 11 Sep 2009


You should have started your own query.

click here

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