URGENT Is this a virus or a hoax?

  zaach 10:06 01 Mar 2003

I have just received from an acquantance two copies of an email with the subject "Fw: PLEEEEEASE READ!!!! It was on the news!
This email has an enormous addressee list and looks entirely like a form of pyramid letter, as usual saying (inter alia) that Bill Gates is giving money away.
If my friend has just succumbed to a hoax well and good but if this is a mailing virus which has slipped through my defences I am naturally very alarmed.
All comments welcome please!

  Tj_El 10:11 01 Mar 2003

If your AV is up to date you should have no fear of a virus slipping through.

I have recieved this type of email before and I just deleted it. I suggest you do likewise.


  Andÿ 10:12 01 Mar 2003

click here

It's a hoax to fool the greedy :o) There is no free lunch :o)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:12 01 Mar 2003

Hoax......obviously, not a virus.


  zaach 10:18 01 Mar 2003

That it is a hoax was my reaction but it has aready duped a large number of people and I had fears that it was omne of those "mail everybody in the address list" viruses.

  Forum Editor 11:06 01 Mar 2003

"Mail everyone on your address list" emails are not viruses - they are hoaxes, and this is one of them.

In general terms it's worth confirming a couple of tips about hoax emails:-

1. Anything that asks you to pass a virus warning on to everyone in your address book is always - without exception - a hoax, and you should delete it without taking any action at all. Do this, even if it comes to you from a friend, or known business contact.They are simply extending the life of the hoax by sending it to you; don't add to the problem by passing it on.

2. Companies like Microsoft, McAfee, Norton et al, and institutions like NASA, The Pentagon, Universities, Medical institutions etc. will never - ever issue warnings about viruses via email circulars, with instructions to "pass it on".

  stealthdevil 12:06 01 Mar 2003

I got that e-mail like a year ago. I contacted Microsoft and they told me its a hoax thats actually been around for years now. They told me just to ignore it and delete it.

  zaach 17:50 01 Mar 2003

I had already deleted it and emailed the sender to ask why he sent it but it is nice to have actions justified.

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