URGENT - Virus Infected Computer Won't Start

  griffon 56 22:41 28 Nov 2004

A Win98SE machine has become badly infected. Norton has detected 9 separate viruses one of which, I am informed, will not now allow the machine to start except to the point where the screen displays words to the effect of 'Inadmissable system disc' followed by 'Press any key to continue but be aware that you risk losing the contents of disc C and D'. The owner hasn't taken the risk.

If someone has the answer could they please post a reply by 11.00 tomorrow. Thank you.

  Taff36 22:49 28 Nov 2004

It might help us if you tell us which viruses you think you have. Also which version of Norton are you using?

  VoG II 22:50 28 Nov 2004

Do you know the names of any or all of the viruses?

  Taff36 22:53 28 Nov 2004

If you need a boot disk later try click here keep the information coming though.

Hi again VoG!

  smudge101 22:58 28 Nov 2004

I am not familiar with the process but there is a program that clains to be able to make boot scan floppies from your antivirus software.
No harm having a look!
click here

  griffon 56 00:25 29 Nov 2004

Hi Everyone, Regret that everything I know about the problem is second hand. I know that Norton has reported that 4 of 9 viruses are identical worms and two are trojans, one a back door. It also seems that one virus will not permit the loading or activation of a firewall. The Norton suite was delivered with the computer about 3 years ago. I hope that helps.

  PSF 01:04 29 Nov 2004

If he has the cd with Norton on it you can boot from the cd and run a virus scan. The only problem is if it is over 3 years old the definitions may not recognise some of the newer viruses. If he knows someone who has a newer version he could borrow the cd to run the scan.

PC World were doing NIS 2005 for £25 a short time ago, he could always upgrade now.

  Belatucadrus 01:44 29 Nov 2004

click here try using ultimate boot disk and the optional virus scanner.

  griffon 56 00:14 08 Dec 2004

Hi All,

A reformat and reload cleared the problem, very little data was lost. Thank you for your help.

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