[email protected]!nD 21:02 24 May 2003


A few days back my PC noise has dramatically increased its like a whirring noise and at the moment sounds like a formula 1 racing car when its accelerating. I'm extremely worried my friends on the internet think its the fans while another says its the power. Please help and give me your suggestions. I have no PC Hardware experience, what do u suggest i do? Thanks please reply asap

  justme 21:10 24 May 2003

To cause a whirring noise there must be something moving. The only things which move in a pc are the fans (in power supply unit, cooling fan on cpu and the fan(s) which draw air through the box) and the disc drives.

If the noise is constant then the only drive to cause concern is the hard drive.

I suggest that you listen carefully to locate where the noise is coming from and this will point you in the right direction to diagnosing the problem. If you feel confident enough to open the box then it may be easier to locate the exact place the noise is coming from, but please be careful as the power must be switched on and you don't want your hair becoming entangled in any of the fans or even worse getting into the mains power inside the power supply unit.

  Happy1 21:11 24 May 2003

Fans but it also could be Hard Drive. Save as much Data as you can by backing up on to external zip discs CD RW or whatever you back up to just in case. Somebody on this Forum should be along soon who knows more and can help you. Sorry I can't help further.

  behrouzn 21:11 24 May 2003

Its normally always the Power supply fan, they're normally pretty bad.

If it isnt that, you can check if its your CPU or graphics card fan by stopping them for a second while the computer's on (careful not to touch any metal components)

  Rtus 22:46 24 May 2003

The noisiest component is the Cdrom drive They sometimes go wrong and continually seek the disc even when there isn't one in the drive and under these circumstances the drive access light does not show.If you have Cdr drive try disconnecting its power lead while the units off .power up and boot into windows.As above you can locate which area the noise is coming from when the case side is off.

  [email protected]!nD 13:02 26 May 2003

i called ina technician and he said my power supply needs replacing, i think he said power supply is 230v and would cost approx 45 pounds and with labour charge 35 pounds is that reasonable

  Rayuk 13:19 26 May 2003

You could do it yourself for free.
Did he say what format the power supply was ie AT or ATX.

  Aspman 15:09 26 May 2003

Don't pay him to do it, its a doddle!

You need to find out what kind of PSU you need AT or ATX as Rayuk says. Chack the big plug that goes out of the the PSU onto the motherboard (with power off this time). Does it have one or two plugs that go into the motherboard. If it has one its non-p4 ATX psu. If it has two connectors going into the board is one a square small plug a bit away from the other or are the two plugs flat and narrow and together in a line, often in white plastic.. If they are the former that the PSU is a P4 compatable ATX if its the former then its an AT. Its only likely to be an AT psu if your computer is quite old. Doesn't matter which kind of ATX psu your old one is, the new will be p4 compatable anyway and will work with non p4 computers.

Its easy as aything to fit, just unplug and unscrew, and rescrew and refit. The plugs only fit the right devices (although can be stiff) and only fit one way. You can do it in 2 minutes so don't pay for it. £45 is about right for a very good psu but I would guess you would be ok with something a bit cheaper but not too cheap. They are rated in Watts (W) about 300/350W is about right although many people recommend more.

  [email protected]!nD 09:27 27 May 2003

mine is atx
but he said the 35 quid includes 24 hr testing and monitoring that the new power supply works and he said he s got a special computer to get reports on whether the power supply works adequately

please advise
he estimated total cost 45 for the part and 35 fr labour

please bear in mind i am not hardware confident at all

  soy 10:45 27 May 2003

You can buy power supplies very cheaply around the £20 mark. A 400Watt Ebuyer branded costs £9.99.

click here

Replacing the Power Supplie is a fairly straight forward job. A good guide from PC911 can be found here click here

If your not confident enough to do it yourself, I would recommend you look in your local yellow pages for some quotes.

  Paranoid Android 13:30 27 May 2003

I agree that the prices quoted are a rip-off, the guy is trying to blind you with science. 24 hour test indeed !

One note of caution - the job is not difficult, but if you are unsure of your ability GET HELP. I applaud people who know their own limitations. Better than a fried motherboard.

Surely you have a friend who knows enough about PCs to perform this simple operation ?


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