Urgent PC Building help!

  n00b_PCBuilder 15:49 23 Nov 2003

Hi, me and my friend have just gone and bought parts for building a computer from a computer fair. We have attatched everything and have come to testing. When plugging in we see that the keyboard lights go on, then off so power IS going to the motherboard. When we click the switch nothing happens, no fans start or nothing. We checked that the power switch was going to the right place ect. We couldent get it to work. We tryed unplugging Floppy Drive, CD-ROM drive and Hard Drive and switching it on but again, no fans started. Please help! The motherboard is a PC CHIPS SOCKET A M810D series. The proccessor is built in (on board). If anyone can help we would be gratefull....As soon as you can please! ;-)

  Greenfingers 16:04 23 Nov 2003

Puzzled by your statement that the processor is built in. The problems you describe are normaly associated with wrongly seated processor or memory modules.
Hopefully, someone will be able to give you further advice.

  961 16:12 23 Nov 2003

Try troubleshooting guide at click here

  Greenfingers 16:20 23 Nov 2003

Further to my last posting I have looked up the motherboard specs and it is capable of running Athlone & Duron processors so the processor is not built in but may have come ready installed.
I remember that with the pc chips baord that a jumper at the side of the bios chip has to be moved to another setting to allow the motherboard to work because if it was left on the correct working setting the cmos battery would become discharged.
Did you get the pc chips motherboard manual when you made the purchase?

  Greenfingers 16:42 23 Nov 2003

Setting Jumper Switches
Jumpers are sets of pins which can be connected together with jumper caps. The jumper caps change the way the mainboard operates by changing the electronic circuits on the mainboard. If a jumper cap connects two pins, we say the pins are SHORT. If a jumper cap is removed from two pins, the pins are OPEN.

Jumper JP1: Clear CMOS Memory
This jumper can clear the contents of the CMOS memory. You may need to clear the CMOS memory if the settings in the Setup Utility are incorrect and prevent your mainboard from operating. To clear the CMOS memory, disconnect all the power cables from the mainboard and then move the jumper cap into the CLEAR setting for a few seconds.

Function Jumper Setting
Clear CMOS Memory Short Pins 1-2
Normal Operation Short Pins 2-3

This information may help you with your problem

  howard60 16:59 23 Nov 2003

try lifting the agp card out and resetting it. I have had pcs appear dead no beeps etc and this was the problem.

  n00b_PCBuilder 18:12 23 Nov 2003

still no luck - where is the agp card?

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:30 23 Nov 2003

PC Chips usually come with the jumper for CMOS set to clear.usually just needs resetting.


  Professor Plum 18:32 23 Nov 2003

I am guessing you have the 810DLU, So you would have an in built Processor and in built Graphics.

And it is probably the jumper that needs changing.

Look for JP4 (3 pins near the speaker header) lift off the jumper put it back on, covering the central pin and the currently exposed pin.

Hope that helps..........

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:37 23 Nov 2003

this board onboard video, so no agp.

you could also try lifting and reseating the RAM and CPU.


  shortcircuit 18:42 23 Nov 2003


Have you fixed it yet? I have used PC Chips 810 boards many times.Like everyone above has said. Unlock the cmos. It tells you to do this in the instructions. How far have you got?

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