Urgent Password Recovery

  phildux 09:06 17 Aug 2005

A disgruntled employee has left the company but changed the passwords on 4 computers. can i buy any good software to be able to recover the passwords or how has anybody got any suggestions on how to get in.

  Graham ® 09:10 17 Aug 2005

Operating system? Are these desktops or terminals of a server?

  Graham ® 09:13 17 Aug 2005
  Terry Brown 09:13 17 Aug 2005

On startup keep pressing F8 until you get the beep. This will give you boot options. Select the main hard drive and it should let you in as a limited user.

  phildux 09:25 17 Aug 2005

Windows XP pc terminals linked to a server and 1 stand alone pc

  phildux 09:25 17 Aug 2005

Windows XP pc terminals linked to a server and 1 stand alone pc

  keith-236785 09:31 17 Aug 2005

is this the password for the bios, or for the windows login,

if it is the bios, there is probably a secret password to enable you to get into it.

windows is different, you will need some password cracking software or just format and start from fresh but i appreciate that isnt an option.

speak to the employer and threaten legal action unless they unlock the pc's. you can try for nothing. but if the person left on bad terms they will probably tell you to stuff it where the sun dont shine.

click here for some good reading.

  phildux 09:34 17 Aug 2005

gose through start up then come's to enter password screen and thats the end.

  Graham ® 09:49 17 Aug 2005

Can you leave the password blank and click OK?

  phildux 09:53 17 Aug 2005

no its says "incorrect password"

  phildux 10:28 17 Aug 2005

are there any names for password cracking software as this is getting really desparate now or any web site i can go to

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