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URGENT - laptop stopped charging from mains

  algernonymous 21:43 22 Apr 2019

My laptop has stopped charging from the mains adapter and is now on 27% battery. Help! Quickly please!

  wee eddie 22:30 22 Apr 2019

One has to assume that you have checked everything.

That the little light is lit, on the charging block, for example

That all connections are tight and you haven't accidentally knocked a pin out.

That you haven't accidentally knocked the connection, where the cable joins your laptop, and cracked the MOBO.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:47 22 Apr 2019


check fuse in plug

check socket is working

  algernonymous 22:55 22 Apr 2019

Yes, I checked. But I shut it down shortly after posting, then when I moved it away from my lap I noticed the amber light came on indicating it was charging. I waited a while then booted up again - without moving it - and I have a bright screen again, although the battery icon has disappeared... I'm guessing a loose connection in the laptop? And a not too cheap repair?

  algernonymous 23:13 22 Apr 2019

Ah, the icons back now - 80%, charging

  wee eddie 23:49 22 Apr 2019

If you are using it on your lap.

Beware of blocking the cooling air vents, it will overheat

  polymath 21:47 23 Apr 2019

If it's a loose connection, could be just in the charging cable.

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