losman 11:57 21 Mar 2003

ive knckered my hard drive and fear i have lost my childrens pictures my wife is extremely angry is there any way i can save my harddrive and its content. help or advice would be very much appreciatted

  MAJ 12:02 21 Mar 2003

What exactly has happened, how did it happen and what symptoms are showing? Can you boot the PC?

  Lozzy 12:04 21 Mar 2003

If you have knackered your hard drive it is poss to retrieve data but its expensive, and theres no guarantees that they will retrieve any data.
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When you boot what is the error msg?? What operating system are you running??

  losman 12:06 21 Mar 2003

i can boot the p.c it was working fine until i loaded z-boot a program to load two operating systems on one harddrive. xp was or ready on the harddrive when i did zboot. now it wont load origanal xp and it says error loading os and my c drive says invalid media type reading drive c. thanks

  Lozzy 12:12 21 Mar 2003

Sounds to me that have NOT knackered your HDD. Insert the XP into the rom and re-boot when you get the msg "Press any key to boot from CD" press enter and carry out the repair function. Or you can try booting into safe mode and if you can then delete that program,

  MAJ 12:18 21 Mar 2003

I agree with Lozzy, you haven't knackered the drive, just the boot options. These files are obviously very important to you, my first suggestion would be to get those files off the hard drive and saved somewhere safe before trying anything else. To that end, if it's possible, install the drive into another PC as a slave and transfer the files to the other hard drive or to removable media like a CD-R or floppy.

  losman 12:22 21 Mar 2003

when i set it as slave and try to open it it says it needs to be formatted.

  VoG™ 12:28 21 Mar 2003

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:29 21 Mar 2003

The easiest way to get back into XP would be to boot from your XP CD and when you get to the screen that asks you to either "Install" or "Repair Previous Installation" choose the latter.

Reboot your pc while holding down F8. At the Windows Advanced Options Menu, select Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter.

or....1. Boot from the WinXP CD

2. Select set up WinXP(ENTER)

3. At the next screen which is the license agreement, select F8

4. Windows will find an existing copy of itself and gives you the option to repair the highlighted installation

5. WinXP will copy the necessary files to your HD and install.

and........1. Start your computer in Safe Mode(F8) with Command Prompt

2. At the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and press ENTER

3. Follow instructions to restore to a previous, functional state

That's all I can find but most seem to apply to a single boot system but are worth trying.


ps..dump zboot.;-)))

  Irishman 12:31 21 Mar 2003

If you have a 98 boot up floppy try booting off that. If you can get into the recovery console on the XP cd try fixmbr (fix master boot) and fixboot. Do not format as you will lose everthing.

  Irishman 12:31 21 Mar 2003

Too late!

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