Urgent help required: Computer won't start

  raliy2k 02:25 26 Aug 2008

I woke up this morning to find my computer switched off. Tried to switch it on again, but it would not switch on. All the fans inside the computer would just rotate half an inch.

I have tried many attepts to diagnose the problem. Came to the point where I stripped everything off, taking the motherboard out with the CPU still attached. Still getting the same problem. Im not sure where the problem is; the motherboard light comes on, so Im guessing the PSU is fine and the motherboard may also be fine. But again, same as above; switching it on the CPU fan would only move half an inch and thats it.

  Taff™ 07:07 26 Aug 2008

Don`t assume the PSU is fine. The LED may be on but your symptoms are typical of a failure. I would change that component first and hope that when it failed it didn`t blow a motherboard component as well.

  crosstrainer 07:25 26 Aug 2008

Power supply most probably, see if you can borrow one to test the theory.

  raliy2k 15:28 26 Aug 2008

I have put a new PSU on my motherboard and it worked. So problem was the old PSU. Now thats 2 Jeantech PSU that has failed on me in 1 year.

Thanks for your help

  crosstrainer 06:32 27 Aug 2008

Are you using a PSU tha's up to the job? Need your system spec to confirm, but even high quality PSU's will fail if the load on them is to great.

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