Urgent help please - Windows XP serious crashing

  Neo_0147 20:56 30 Jan 2003

Please can you help me, I am in desperate need of your superior help :)

my computer:
Chaintech APOGEE m/b, Chaintech Geforce 4 Ti4600, creative soundblaster audigy, IBM 120Gb 7200rpm Hard disk, AMD Athlon XP 2200+ CPU, 256Mb DDR PC2700 RAM (Major)

My computer started to crash now and again (maybe twice a week), then its got worse and worse, everything freezing causing me to turn off the computer manually. At boot up the error message saying 'The computer has recovered from a serious error) then I can send or not send the information.
It says the files associated with it are C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini011203-01.dmp and

C:\DOCUME~1\Chris\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER1.tmp.dir00\sysdata.xml whenever I try to put this into search on my hard drive it says I cannot access it.
So i formatted and put win xp back on, then as i was installing drivers it crashed again!
It is gettin very severe now as it is crashing as soon as I log on and I cannot do anything. I can still move the mouse but when I try to close Internet Explorer, it half does and half doesnt. Eventually it just totally freezes and I cant move the mouse or anything.
I have checked HDD, sound card, RAm and it doesnt seem to be them as it still crashes with new RAM, no soundcard.

Please help, perhaps a hardware failure, I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help.

This looks like a newish computer. If so let the supplier sort it out.

How old is the machine and the make please?


  simonsup 21:29 30 Jan 2003

having same problem with same error message.
had this problem for months now, very frustrating:(.
My machine is similar to yours apart from using an Amd Xp1800+ & Ti 4200 graphics.
i am living with the problem hoping someone will
come up with a solution.
Mine crashes about 3 times aday at present.

  AndySD 21:39 30 Jan 2003

Disable the automatic restart if you haven't done so already. Right click my computer/properties/advanced/ startup and recovery. Uncheck the "automatically restart" box.
Next time it bluescreens, write down the info.
But it sounds like a motherboard or heat or Power suply fault. As Whisperer says can you gat the supplier to sort it out?

  mouseman 21:42 30 Jan 2003

sounds like the problem I was initially having with a similar spec system. Could it be the motherboard? Mine is A7V333. Whats yours?

  bakes43 21:42 30 Jan 2003

i to having the same problem Amd xp1400 geforce3ti200, got my mate sorting it out apparantly (has he found out) it somthing to do with your mother board and Wxp, he says XP trys to control your power suppply as well as your board trys to control it. I,m sorry i can,t be more helpful but i don,t know to much about pcs. I,ll try and get more info from him and let you know or i,ll get him to post the solution,i know hes got to flash the bios and renstall XP, sorry again hope this might help you a bit tho

  Neo_0147 22:08 30 Jan 2003

I made the pc myself, but I got the parts from scan.co.uk.

Do you think replacing the motherboard to another make will do the trick because it is still under warranty as I ony got it in July 2002?


  Neo_0147 22:09 30 Jan 2003

I made the pc myself, but I got the parts from scan.co.uk.

Do you think replacing the motherboard to another make will do the trick because it is still under warranty as I ony got it in July 2002?


  belgarth_the_sorcerer 00:21 31 Jan 2003

i have windows xp too and had the same fault on my p.c too i have just recived mine back from being fixed for the same problem as yours what you need is a more powerfull psu unit whats happening is a power drain on your system your system has to run on 220 vaults all the time mine wasnt and hence the problem ever since they put this new unit in i have not had the problem again hope this helps you out

  jimv7 07:39 31 Jan 2003

Try different ram, or as belgarth_the_sorcerer suggests check your psu, some problems stem from faulty memory and windows cannot write to its boot sector so its dumps the memory and freezes, a faulty psu also gives the same errors.

Mine used to do the same and it was the psu, after an upgrade, new board and chip, memory errors caused it to happen again, replaced ram and all ok.

  Neo_0147 09:15 31 Jan 2003

Ive replaced the RAM, I originally thought it was the RAM and they thought it could be too so they gave me a new stick of 256Mb DDR PC2700 but still same problem. I just sapped the sticks of RAM round and put it in the same slot and still crashed.

Are you sure it will be the power supply as it is a 400W!!!! Some people can easily use 300W!!!!

Does that give you any more help?

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