Urgent Help Please.... Refesh Rate on VDU

  ///A M G 22:34 08 Jun 2004

hi, i have acidently changed my monitors refresh rate to 200 herts

now when i reboot my computer i can't see anything and my monitor display says change back o 60 herts

i can't change the settings in safe mode or vga mode

although i can c something with them

any other way to change the refresh rate without having to log on properly?

I run Windows XP Pro on a 15" LCD VDU


  phoenix198 22:59 08 Jun 2004

Not absolutely certain about this but you could try uninstalling your monitor and/or graphics card from within Safe Mode.

This should revert your system to "Standard VGA Card" driver and "Default" monitor and you would then have to reinstall your graphics card and/or monitor drivers once you can boot into normal Windows mode.

"Your mileage may vary" but you shouldn't do any lasting harm to your system.

  sicknote 23:02 08 Jun 2004

On Some monitors you can change the refresh or factory reset from within the monitor menu if it has one.

  Djohn 02:03 09 Jun 2004

Boot in safe mode and right click your mouse on the desktop, choose properties/settings/advanced/adaptor tab and click on "List all modes".

Select 1024x768 at 60Htz click on OK and click OK again until back to desktop. Re-boot and all will be fine. j.

  Stuartli 10:07 09 Jun 2004

List All Modes lists the resolutions and refresh rates that your graphics card can support and the means to select one, so there shouldn't be too many listed for an LCD monitor.

  Stuartli 10:11 09 Jun 2004

Ignore that posting - it's early in the morning still...

The information is accurate, just the application of it with regard to your LCD monitor...:-(

Djohn has rightly provided the native resolution and refresh rate of most of these type of monitors.

  Djohn 10:16 09 Jun 2004

Other way round Stuartli. "List all modes" will show all the modes the card can support not the monitor. That's why they are hidden and on first look will only show the one's that the monitor can support.

When I click on mine it will give over 20 options for the card but only 4 are compatible with my TFT monitor. Some TFT monitors can support 8 or more settings but none will be as good as the native one for the particular TFT concerned.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 10:18 09 Jun 2004

Sorry Stuartli. I posted without refreshing and missed your second reply. :o(

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