Urgent Help needed...Error Message: LOADKEY FAILED WITH ERROR 1009 (STHIVE#0)

  julius44 20:20 18 Feb 2012

Hello and good evening to you all, I urgently need some help please and i'm HOPING that there is a solution here here please. My neighbour brought her laptop round to me this evening, that she was listening to music on it yesterday, and it just went off. I though it was a virus, as ive sorted out her laptop for her before, when it had a vius,...but this time it seems different.

Its a Windows vista laptop, and she's had it for about 3 years now. Its a compaq laptop. All her music, word docs, family photos are on her laptop, and NOTHING is backed up anywhere.

I've switched it on and I get the exact following message: LOADKEY FAILED WITH ERROR 1009 (STHIVE#0)

SO ive tried it in safe mode with f8, and sstill same message,....

Ive switched it back on, and then it askes whether to launch startup repair(recommended).. I clicked on yes, and it said loading files........

Them it takes me to the system recovery options screen,...where it says Uk, and tells me to select next....

I've stopped here as ive no idea wheterh it'll will work ir actually WIPE the whole laptop, and hence my neighbour loses ALL her stuff on the laptop..which I dont waht at all.

Any suggestions please???

  Joe G 20:29 18 Feb 2012

Hi - you should be fine -I had a start up problem once (not same one) and used the start up repair and it sorted it without affecting my data - may be worth awaiting a second opinion from someone who knows what the problem is though!

  Terry Brown 20:33 18 Feb 2012

Try this link for advise


I do not use vista, however reading the info on the disk, it seems as if you need to do a repair using a Vista CD. If you do not have one (of the correct version), could you borrow one from someone?.


  woodchip 20:34 18 Feb 2012

Try this Site for the answer Click Hear

  T0SH 20:34 18 Feb 2012

Sounds like a registry error have you tried "Last known good configuration" from the safe mode menu as the easy option

next you can "Repair Your Computer" when it tells you to reboot by refusing using cancel you can get to a repair option screen where you can use the windows system restore to back up a few days to when all was well

Both actions replace the registry with earlier (hopefully error free versions)

Cheers HC

  julius44 20:40 18 Feb 2012

Hello Joe G, Terry Brwon, thanks for your link/advice, link....Terry Brown the link doesn't really give me what i'm looking for, BUT, i do have a disk Windows 7, Vista, XP recovery repair disk with me,......But i just need proper advice, on the CORRECT way forward, as my neighbout would be devastated to lose all her files, pictures, etc,.....I need to know that ALL her stuff will still be intact,..sorry to be a pain

  woodchip 20:48 18 Feb 2012

Did you check my link

  woodchip 20:48 18 Feb 2012

Did you check my link

  julius44 21:39 18 Feb 2012

Hey everyone I just wanted to thank you ALL for all, for all your help,.....i decided to go for the system recovery options, I crossed my fingers, it did some scanning , then restarted itself, and HEY PRESTO!!!!! it works great and its all up and running now!!! All files are on the laptop, i'll let her know when she gets back!!! Thank you all for your help...

Now how do i resolve this post please??

  Joe G 00:09 19 Feb 2012

Great news - always such a relief!

  Sea Urchin 00:22 19 Feb 2012

Now how do i resolve this post please??

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