Urgent help needed - Status of hard drive "BAD"

  Zebrapec 09:31 11 May 2005

Hi, iv'e two hard drives and the main one, the one with the operating system on it has gone bad.
The win shut down and the screen went black.
On restarting it said drive 'C' is bad, drive 'D' is ok and then went into a continuous cycle of resetting itself. I then pressed F8 and managed to get onto another screen that said: corrupt or missing file on 'C' drive and something about FAT32., and to use the original startup disc and press 'r' when the first scren appears.
So I put in my original disc, which is a restore disc but no screen came up to press 'r' on.
I tried a normal win98 disc and still no joy, and the same with my winXP disc.
So I'm cream crackered, Any one got any helpfull ideas please, any help will be appreciated. Oh, my waste bin is full, thanks.

  Zebrapec 12:34 11 May 2005

I am in need of any suggestion, please

  Mr Scone 12:44 11 May 2005

You need to set your PC so it will boot from the original windows CD. You do this by going into the Bios (a place where many hardware settings are controlled outside of windows) and altering your boot sequence. When my PC starts, before anything else I get a message at the bottom saying hit delete to enter setup. It is likely that the same (or similar) message will appear when you boot up (might be different button though). When in your bios be very careful to only change the boot sequence (make sure it trys to boot from cd/dvd drive first), if you mess with lots of other settings you may ruin your PC for good. Ok, when boot sequence is changed, save your settings and exit the bios. It should now boot to a blue windows setup screen which will ask you if you want to install a new copy or repair. Hit R for repair.

Hope this helps


  Catastrophe 13:01 11 May 2005

Have you got a startup floppy?

If you can get an A:, hit C: to see if the C: drive is still there. If it is, make sure it has the operating system and is not a RAM drive. It says something like 'loading RAM drive oc C' if C: is not recognised.

I am a bit confused as one message says C: is bad but another message says a file on C: is missing. That is why I am suggesting checking via the floppy startup disk.

Good luck.

  terryr48 14:06 11 May 2005

My pc came up with the same symptoms as yours and the only thing I could do was have a new hdd fitted, apparently "c" drive bad means it is irrepairable according to the pc manufacturer, I assumed this must be true as my packed up while still under warranty (2 days left on warranty) and I dont suppose they would have replaced it if they could have brought it back to life.

  Catastrophe 05:39 12 May 2005


  joseph K 14:59 12 May 2005

If you decide that there is nothing you can do to save your data, I would at least try to reformat the drive before buying another.

'Corrupt or missing file' certainly suggests to me that this is a problem caused by software. The mention of FAT32 also suggests the filing system.

  Zebrapec 19:02 15 May 2005

thanks all, it was some bad softeware. Formatted the hard drive and re-installed all win's.

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