urgent help needed - re a trojan horse

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 02 Aug 2004

Follow these steps:

1) Call up your task manager and identify the WinKA.exe and WinUpdt.exe processes. Be prepared to terminate them, but don't bother to do it yet.

2) Open the folder WindUpdate containing the three files, WinKA.exe, WinUpdt.exe, and Comm.dll.

3) Rename WinKA.exe and WinUpdt.exe to WinKA.txt and WinUpdt.txt

4) Using a text editor such as notepad, open WinKA.exe
Totally corrupt the file by typing random characters throughout the file. Just have fun with your keyboard. You can't save the file though yet, because its running.

5) Now you can terminate WinKA.exe in the Task Manager. Then click on the save button on Notepad so that WinKA.txt is corrupted.

6) And now you can delete or erase the file. Follow the same steps to rid yourself of WinUpdt.exe. And then Comm.dll can be erased without any trouble, as can the folder WindUpdate.

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