Urgent Help Needed Pls, Photos open on Camera, but NOTPC from SD card!!!

  julius44 22:21 11 Mar 2012

Hello and good evening to you all, i need some urgent help please. I have a pentax Optio M90 camera, with a 16gb memory card, had the camera for a while, and it works perfectly, I lent it to my neighbour a few days ago, and prior to that she's used it loads of times with no problems....this evening she was trying to upload some party pics to facebook, with the Sd card and it wouldnt work.

here is the message, when I click on the memory card to open,....here is the message we get: Windows cannot find the G:\Recycler\1b37f31.exe make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.

The funny thing is when we insert the memory card into the camera, all the pictures show fine, so at least they are on the memory catd. I've tried to copy the folder that the pics are in, by just dragging the DCIM folder to my desktop, still it wont open, also ive tried using the cameras usb wire, still it wont open, same message, ...any suggestions please?? My friend really needs to be able to access these pics on the pc,....i'm a bit confused as they ALL show when viewing via the camera.

  Kevscar1 00:29 12 Mar 2012

are you sure the pics are on the card and not the cameras internal memory.

  julius44 04:55 12 Mar 2012

Hi Kevscar, i'm 100% dead sure,...just tried it again now, and taken out the the card there are 8 on the internal memory of my camera, as it says 8 of 8, so I connected the camera usb to my pc and copied the internal pics over, that was no problem, and it said 8 of 8. then i formatted the internal memory again, so it has no pics, i insertd the memory card in again, and it shows 64 pics, that I can see on the camera, no problem. So i'm really baffled now...the pics are def on the SD card, and still SHOW on camera, but I can't seem to access the SD card once inserted on pc.....i tried it on laptop, still same thing..any more ideas please??

  Aitchbee 07:43 12 Mar 2012

Does your camera have the function to copy the image files from SD card to it's internal memory?

If so, that may be a workaround way of transfering them to computer.

  northumbria61 08:36 12 Mar 2012

You could try running chkdsk on your SD card - enter link description here

  Kevscar1 08:42 12 Mar 2012

can you find them using a image program such as irfanview. If so open then save as into a PC folder

  john bunyan 08:50 12 Mar 2012

Some older card readers do not "like" bigger memory cards. Have you/ she tried a new one? (£5 in ASDA)

  KRONOS the First 09:08 12 Mar 2012

Right-click on the recycle bin and choose Properties. Is protection enabled on g: drive? If so, disable it. If not, enable it. You can also enable hidden files in Windows Explorer and check if you see g:\recycler. If you do, and if protection on G: is not enabled, delete the folder. Restart PC.

  julius44 05:29 14 Mar 2012

Good morning to you all, and thanks for your help so far,.....STILL no joy, i did use the recuva software link, and it recovered ALL previously deleted photos that were on the camera, but not the 64 that are currently on the card but dont load up on the pc. unfortunately my camera does not have the option to transfer pics from memory card to camera memory. I also tried the chkdsk method but still no joy,.....the funny thing is ALL the 64 pictures show perfectly on the camera with NO problems whatsoever!!!! my friend really wants to try and keep thsese pictures....I dont know whether to now go to snappy snaps or jessops and see if they can provide any help. Any suggestions please????

  Graham* 09:58 14 Mar 2012

Check the 'Protect' switch on the card has not been moved.

  NewestRoyWidd1 10:44 14 Mar 2012

Just an idea,have you tried the pentax user forum? http://www.pentaxuser.co.uk/forum/ Sometimes such places can be of help.

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