Urgent Help Needed. Pc Wont Post.

  NGE 19:06 08 Apr 2004

Hello, my pc wasworking fine this morning, and i had ordered a new case, so i switch off pc wait for an hour and start to take the components out and put them into the new case. I have finally finished and plugged everything in turned it on, it went to the boot screen, says Processor is an AMD 1250+ and then goes to checking nvram and freezes, nothing at all. It sometimes has more than that, it would say update ok after nvram and then freeze. HELP PLEASE. cannot live without pc. Im currently using my old one.

My specs are AMD 2800 Proc (it says 1250 because i reset cmos) MSI KT4AV mobo, has dvdrw and dvd rom, 80 gig hdd, gfx is radeon 9200 256 mb ram, has 512 mb ram installed. Onboard sound. I have taken most components out which is not required for post boot, oh and by the way, no beeps come from the machine. thanks for any help.

  NGE 19:08 08 Apr 2004

oh and by the way, the mobo came with a usb bracket and it has diagnosis lights. The lights according to the manual when this happened was checking processor. I am afraid it might be processor fault. But i went no where near the processor.

  Stowit 19:24 08 Apr 2004

No post beep for me has been incorrectly fitted ram. I was adviced to unplug every thing (including HDD) and see if it boots saying no OS. Then put the bits in one at a time checking after each. First try double checking all your conections. Worked for me.

  NGE 19:27 08 Apr 2004

already tried it with minimal compopnents, reseated ram modules etc. It wouldnt be the RAM anyway as i didnt touch it and it worked before.

  Gongoozler 19:37 08 Apr 2004

If everything is exactly the same except the new case, then if the case came with it's own PSU, try removing the PSU from the old case and connect that instead.

  skell 19:54 08 Apr 2004

you did seat the motherboard on pegs in the new case i hope! why i ask is, there has been cases where people have fitted the motherboard straight onto the case and have blown the the components. The motherboard must be seated on pegs to prevent shorting out the system. common results - blown processor or motherboard.

  NGE 20:28 08 Apr 2004

hello all. Thanks for all suggestions. Skell, i have seated the mother board standoffs, heh, from experience i nearly blown a couple of mobos not putting them on, so thats why this cannot be the problem. Gongoozler, i was using my psu from the old case, as it was more powerful. and finally thankyou slowit. Your suggestion i tried, was unplugging the hard drive and lo and behold it booted up, but no os detected, so had a closer inspection and no prizes for guessing what i did wrong. the ide cable was the wrong way round, pin 1 was on pin 10 or something like that, i am now using my pc and all is fine.

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