Urgent help needed to open old .dbx folder in OE6

  [email protected] 12:12 16 Jun 2004

I saved a folder of e-mails to CD from Outlook Express shortly before my last computer died. I desperately need to open the folder (saved as a .dbx file) by tomorrow, to get my husband (in Portugal watching the footie) the details of his hotel!!All the e-mails that I saved individually are fine, but this was a large folder.
I tried open with, but selecting OE takes you into the OE files rather than selecting it as a prog.and the folder is not present.I used explore to find the path to OE, then copied the folder to the correct location, it showed up amongst all the other .dbx files in OE in Explore, but A) Does not appear in OE prog.itself
B) Disappears from OE in Explore once the computer has been restarted
Can anybody help me open this wretched folder???
(also when copied across it doesn't take long enough for size of file- to my mind!) The file size shows as 19.6 MB but takes seconds to copy across.

  Gongoozler 12:21 16 Jun 2004

Hi Debe. You can use DBXtract click here. It costs $5. DBXpress is claimed to be better, but costs $25.

The old version of DBXtract was free, and if you contact me via the envelope alongside my nickname, I'll email it to you as a zip file. It doesn't need to be installed, simply unzip it to a temporary folder and run it as an exe.

  [email protected] 13:15 16 Jun 2004

Thanks will e-mail you directly!

  Taff36 13:25 16 Jun 2004

I had a similar problem. It`s to do with OE having to remember what folders have been created. Information it stores in the file folders.dbx. Although you have transferred the file into the correct folder along with all your other .dbx files OE doesn`t even know it has been created.

The solution is this. Move your folder out of the way for a minute. Open OE and create a folder of the same name. Close OE and then move your target folder back replacing the one you`ve just created. Open OE and it should all appear.

  [email protected] 13:40 16 Jun 2004

I thought it was going to work Taff, it showed a transfer time of 4mins changed to 10 secs and contained nothing in OE I'm going to try it again though!!

  cyberphobic 13:59 16 Jun 2004
  [email protected] 19:44 16 Jun 2004

Thanks Gongoozler- it did the trick!

  [email protected] 19:45 16 Jun 2004

Thanks cyberphobic will enjoy looking at that site later!

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