URGENT! Help needed to compare 2 laptops

  sellio 16:11 01 May 2010

I need to replace a broken laptop. I am based in the UK.

My insurance company have offered a Sony Vaio VPC-CW1Z6E01B although I have seen the Sony Vaio VPC-CW2S1E/P.

I have to let them know by Tuesday which I prefer. I do not have the technical know how to make a definitive decision so I am asking for help and advice please. I use my laptop for internet access and lots of media work using video, photos and music. I want a fast machine that can cope with multiple tasking.
Any thoughts,[/size]


  DieSse 20:03 01 May 2010

Sony Vaio VPC-CW2S1E/P is the newer system. I would think the performance differences are marginal at best. The LED backlit screen and the more up to date spec of this one would clinch it for me.

The only drawback is the extreme pinkness ;-))

The other system has a larger hard drive - still, they're both pretty big.

Don't forget to budget for an external hard drive for backups (if you don't already have one.)

  sellio 08:36 02 May 2010

Thanks so much for getting back.

That was my thoughts too. I think the insurance compnany's offer is a good one but I shall try and go for the pink one if I can, unless I find out something bad about it before Tuesday.

My broken laptop also suffered from "extreme pinkness" so that is actually a plus point for me! I like the colour and, in addition, my husband told me. "Don't expect me to go near it if it's pink!"...Enough said!

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