The Sheep 00:17 20 May 2003

This evening i received an email from an unknown source which had an attatchment (.pif). I stupidly opened it. I subsequently ran a virus check using Housecall's online virus scan and it has shwon that there is a worm on my system which is known as 'FIZZER A'. Housecall says it in uncleanable. If anybody can help with this situation i would really appreciate it, i'm terrified to turn my comp of incase it wipes the hard drive or something. Please help :(((

  DougieC 00:22 20 May 2003

The worm spreads via e-mail and includes its own SMTP engine to bypass any security your e-mail client may have. Fizzer also spreads via Kazaa, a popular file-sharing application.

The worm establishes its own accounts on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and AOL Instant Messenger, in order to await further instructions from the virus author.

Fizzer attempts to disable any antivirus program running at the time of infection. Systems infected with Fizzer could be used in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on other computers.

Fizzer includes a keystroke-logging Trojan horse, which can be used to steal passwords words and credit card information.

Because Fizzer spreads via e-mail and Kazaa, contains a keystroke-logging Trojan horse, and could be used in a DDoS attack, this worm rates a 7 on the ZDNet Virus Meter.

How it works
Fizzer arrives as e-mail with several possible subject lines and body texts. The From: address can be forged and therefore should not be trusted. Fizzer's attached files contain one of the following extensions: .com, .exe, .pif and .scr.

If a user opens the attached file or otherwise activates the worm, three files are added to the Windows directory:

Most antivirus software companies have updated their signature files to include this worm. This will stop the infection upon contact and in some cases will remove an active infection from your system. For more information, see Central Command, F-Secure, McAfee, MessageLabs, Sophos, Symantec, or Trend Micro.

  beeuuem 00:22 20 May 2003

Look here under Removal. click here

  powerless 00:24 20 May 2003

Here is what Mr N has to say about it click here and wait a few seconds.

Free AV scanner, download, install, update, run and hopefully AVG will remove it. click here

  The Sheep 01:03 20 May 2003

a million for the help guys, its appreciated. I downloaded the FizFix from Symantec's site and it seems to have removed it :))) Anyway, thanks again!!

  beeuuem 01:25 20 May 2003

I'm glad that you have sorted your problem. It could have been worse. If you haven't already got A/V, the free versionof AVG suggested by Powerless from
click here will protect you from most virii.

  The Spires 09:40 20 May 2003

This does go to show that after all the discussion on here regarding the pro & cons of various Anti-Virus suites they are all useless unless they are updated. The protection against 'Fizzer' was included around a week ago by all the AV companies. Check for an update everyday (It's NOT Paranoid To Do So) is I feel good advice, it takes seconds to do & can save you hours & boxes of kleenex.

  Steinman 00:52 23 May 2003

What OS are you running?
As if Xp or Me you should have ensured System restore turned OFF before removing virus, or else you could re-infect your own pc.

  keith-236785 10:09 23 May 2003

i am using AVG anti-virus and have set my update manager to update every 2 days, this may sound a bit much but as im on broadband i may as well take advantage, it is set to update five minutes before my daily scan starts. AVG is free and has served me well, One point, DON'T OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS FROM ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW OR TRUST. that cant be said enough, i too have been caught out by my own nosyness. in my case the only way i could get rid of the trojan was to format my h/d and flash my bios then start from scratch, not a pleasant experience.

good point from Steinman.
good luck

  DieSse 10:24 23 May 2003

If you have broadband, you should set your AV to update evey hour.

  MartinT-B 10:25 23 May 2003

I'm on BB too.

NAV updates automatically at boot, or every 24 hours if I leave it on.

Takes 2 secs and I get a pop up saying either up-todate or asking me to reboot.

Have had 2 updates in last 8 days.

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