Hitch-Hiker 13:13 24 Aug 2003

Please help all of my Norton 2003 software has just stopped working where or how do I get a online virus check?

Or how do I get it all working again?

  krypt1c 13:20 24 Aug 2003

Can't help with norton but you could download the free AVG for now. click here
Don't forget once you fix norton to turn AVG off. Don't run 2 av progs together. They confuse each other - K

  DieSse 13:30 24 Aug 2003

"stopped working" - could mean anything

In what way - what actually happens/happened - what error messages, etc etc. please

  xania 14:56 24 Aug 2003

Sorry Kryptic but don't agree. Having 2 AV programs on a single PC - each will confuse the other. AND, I have to say that with any free software, you get what you pay for. Let's get down to what's gone wrong with Norton. It won't stop working without good reason. Have you had a recent crash? Try running SFC. If nothing then remove Norton completely using Add/remove programs, then make sure that ALL Norton folders are deleted, then re-install from scratch.

  Hitch-Hiker 15:00 24 Aug 2003

when I try to run any of the Norton software it staqrts the shuts it self down I have tried to unistall anv but it wont, I do not recall seeing any error messages. I downloaded the free avg as suggested but it will not install just freezes on the mmc.

  Hitch-Hiker 15:14 24 Aug 2003

sfc tells me that this file is corrupt where can I gat a replacement?

  Steven135 15:16 24 Aug 2003

if you go to the symantec site: click here and serch on the support site (type in Unistall Norton Systemworks) their is an unistall utily you can use.

Once you have done this re-install and hopefully all will be well.

I would remove the AVG until this is done its up yo you if you want to use it instead.

  Steven135 15:17 24 Aug 2003

Sorry for the typos must slow down

  Steven135 15:19 24 Aug 2003

When to use SYMClean
Use SYMClean when all of the following criteria are met:

Leftover NSW files and registry entries appear to be contributing to NSW installation problems or other NSW problems.
You already used the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility and verified that the utility does not resolve the problem. Note that SYMClean is not intended to be used in place of the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility. It is designed to be used when the Add/Remove Programs utility does not fully uninstall NSW.

If the problem is associated with a particular NSW component, you verified that SYMClean is designed to remove that component. If the component is not listed in the section "Products that SYMClean removes," then use a manual uninstallation method instead.

For information on manual uninstallations, read the document How to uninstall Norton SystemWorks manually.

  plankton 15:51 24 Aug 2003

You confused me, I hope Hitch-Hiker didnt get so confused. krypt1c had told him to only run one-at-a-time.....or have I drunk too much? ;o)

  pdxxtqhf 15:59 24 Aug 2003

have you installed any software lately

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