urgent help for near dead computer

  notrom 13:11 13 Mar 2008

I suspect my computer may be about to die on me. It has been making a slow but regular noise a bit like a very slow cicada chirping sound and I'm wondering if the hard disk is about to go (computer has also been making other strange 'creaking' noises and has been working slowly); chirping sound has now stopped.

Have saved to DVD most of what's on the hard disk but I cannot get Microsoft Outlook to open. Since this has my address book, it's a bit worrying. It won't open in safe mode and the Microsoft 2002 reinstaller (?) doesn't do the trick. Any suggestions? I have Windows XP. Am loathe to restart computer in case it refuses to start again.

Also, how do I save to DVD any software I've added?

Am not very technically minded so please go easy on technical jargon!

  Clapton is God 13:25 13 Mar 2008

You appear to have done the most important thing - and that is to backup your important docs and files.

You cannot save software to DVD unless you have the original .exe files.

Try a bit of gentle PC housekeeping.

Clean away the crap with click here and defrag the HDD.

That might help to get it working a little more quickly.

It might also be worth running sfc /scannow

  2bathred 13:29 13 Mar 2008

There are only 3 things that are mechanical. HDD DVD & Fans. If you could save to DVD then that & the HDD must be spinning OK. Check the CPU fan as if that overheats then this would stop the PC running. Then make sure your power unit is not too hot fan running?

  notrom 13:37 13 Mar 2008

Thanks Clapton is God, though I'd probably go for one James Hendrix. Have downloaded the defragger but need to wait until I've finished using Nero to back up. In meantime, am running Diskeeper Lite.

Can you be a bit more explicit about sfc/scannow, please? Where/what is it?

  notrom 13:41 13 Mar 2008

Thanks 2bathred, no suggestion of overheating when I put my hand on power unit.

  VoG II 13:52 13 Mar 2008

SFC /SCANNOW click here

  notrom 14:03 13 Mar 2008

Thanks VoG™. Am running sfc /scannow.

  Clapton is God 14:08 13 Mar 2008

Something else to consider:

Do you REALLY need all those programs on the PC??

Have you run msconfig and reduced the number of processes/programs running in the background? This will help you to decide which you can safely disable click here

  Gongoozler 14:15 13 Mar 2008

Backup all important data to a CD or DVD. Buy a new Seagate hard drive click here, and use Seagate Disk Wizard to transfer the content of your old drive to the new one. If you are lucky you will be able to do all this before your old drive finally kicks the bucket.

  Clapton is God 14:21 13 Mar 2008

"Backup all important data to a CD or DVD"

Have a look at notrom's original post, second paragraph

  notrom 14:31 13 Mar 2008

Thanks Gongoozler, have already backed up what I can. New hard drive not an option as computer still under guarantee and opening it up invalidates guarantee.

Thanks again Clapton is God, I'm sure you're right about some of the programmes! Will try msconfig when sfc /scannow finishes.

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