Urgent help to fix Acer espire 5334

  birdface 23:35 11 May 2011

Hi. grandaughter has to go back to University tomorrow and study for exams next week.

Unfortunately her laptop does not want to start.

After about 10 minutes it will open but none of the icons will work and it is so slow.

It will start in safe mode so downloaded Hitman pro which found a couple of tracking cookies that is all.It will not let her into office power point or whatever other part of office it is so that she can save all her work in safe mode.D drive will not work in safe mode either

I can not do a system restore in safe mode in case she loses any work that she has done recently.

Anyone any idea as to what the problem might be. She has Norton on it.Just wondering if it could have been the windows updates last night.Anyone know if there was any updates for office on W/7 64 Bit last night.I can see some in Add remove but no dates beside them but not really wanting to touch them either just in case.

  birdface 00:02 12 May 2011

It seems to work ok in safe mode and have tried last good configuration but it made no difference.It has loads of disc space left so not that.tried device manager but nothing showing on there.

It is the first time that i have been on the laptop so not sure where everything is at the moment, I have it switched on but without Internet connection but it is running so slow and nothing wants to open in normal mode.

I managed to get into taskmanager but never seen anything odd in there.

  birdface 00:33 12 May 2011

Ok.Of all the times for this to happen sods law I suppose.

Now diagnostic start up is that in safe mode.

  birdface 01:17 12 May 2011

Nope still does not want to work.It goes well to the sign in and after that it just crawls.

Tried sfc /scannow in safe mode but it only went to 95% then said it could not finish it.

So not sure what to try next.

Works Ok in safe mode with networking so not sure what it can be.

  lotvic 01:57 12 May 2011

You could make a backup image of the drives with Acronis (.tib) and then on your pc you could mount the image and copy her work files to your pc so she doesn't lose any.

That would leave you free to attempt a system restore on her laptop with no worry of losing her work files.

  birdface 02:10 12 May 2011

Hi lotvic not sure how it would work whether I could do that in safe mode or not.

Never did anything like that before and not sure if I could.

Not got a clue as to how to work acronis never mind transferring it to my computer.

I would rather leave that to someone who knows what they are doing which leaves me out.

She was going to get a memory stick so that she could download what was needed in safe mode but she could not get the office program to open.

  wee eddie 04:02 12 May 2011

Just a thought.

This is just the kind of problem that having 2 AV Programs running can create!

  birdface 08:01 12 May 2011

Just checked, there was a shortcut for McAfee which came with the computer but everything else has already been deleted and no sign of it on the computer.So whoever put norton on must have removed Mcafee and all I could find was a shortcut that no longer worked so deleted it.

  birdface 08:12 12 May 2011

Just trying another sfc /scannow to see if it will complete this time it only went to 95% the last time before stopping,

I did try a chkdsk in the early hours but it got stuck for about an hour at the one part and did not want to go any further so had to come out of that as I was running out of time.

Most things I try to open are getting timed out so still not having any joy.

  birdface 08:26 12 May 2011

Back to 95% of the scan and it says.

beginning verification phase of system scan,And underneath it says verification 95% complete but does not seem to want to go any further, but will leave it for 30 minutes to see if it does.

  Taff™ 08:31 12 May 2011

Morning Buteman - what`s the deadline? Have you tried Malwarebytes in safe mode? Just a quick scan might only take half an hour.

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