krazi kid 18:19 28 Apr 2005

hi, i have just installed norton anti-virus 2005 on my windows ME after the installation i restarted, then came up live update, after that had finished it crashed, so i restarted by pressing ctrl alt + del twice. when the pc came back on an error message came up straight after windows ME screen appeared saying, windows could not upgrade 1% to 2%, 1% 2%, or a very similar message, no matter what i do or how many times i restart, it keeps happening!! i am now neeing to use my spare computer to post this message, i need urgent help, anybody with any ideas please post to this forum, many thanks!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:27 28 Apr 2005

Boot with the WinME CD and reinstall over the current version.

  krazi kid 18:29 28 Apr 2005

theres a problem with that, the cd was borrowed by a friend to pudate my win 98, but curious, how would i have ran the cd if i cant get onto the desktop or any part of the system, that i know of anyway?

  Indigo 1 18:29 28 Apr 2005

Re-boot with the ME disc in and select Repair option.

I had a similar problem with NAV and ME and gave up on both in the end.

Good luck.

  krazi kid 18:35 28 Apr 2005

if you gave up on both, does that mean you never got the problem solved?

and like i say thanks for the advice but i do not have the ME cd, it was borrowed, is there ANY other way to possibly do this...

  krazi kid 18:37 28 Apr 2005

if i was to re-boot with an xp or 2000 cd in would this also work? other than repair would i be able to overwrite ME?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:39 28 Apr 2005

With either xp or 2k, you can upgrade but would be better going for a clean install and using your data backup to restore your files.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:40 28 Apr 2005

Seems you borrowed the Me CD, why not go back to your oringal, (legal?) os of win98?

  krazi kid 18:45 28 Apr 2005

i have just read an articly by microsoft and i was told to use ME startup disk and with instructions on how to get to system restore from there, as i am not able to reach the destop.

im very stressed at this moment to know that my pc has just broken because of NAV which i am very suprised about as i thought it was a very trusting software, i have certainly hve not had this trouble in the past, intallin NAV 2003 anyway. any other ideas?

  krazi kid 18:49 28 Apr 2005

if i instert windows 98 startup disk instead of ME will this still work? i mean if i intsall this instead?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:55 28 Apr 2005

You will probably have to format the disk and resinstall with win98.

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