///A M G 22:14 25 Jan 2005

For some reason my computer has realy sold after the windows boot screen (the blue line that moves, before login screen) in stay black for 10-20 secs. after it take about 30 sec to log in and make all items loads (zone alarms etc)

I CANT restore, the following things could have started this:

I downloaded some software for my sony microvault:
click here
Autologin and Password Lock. I thinks it these, but i uninstalled, still slow.

Mozzila, had two Mozillas, version 1.0 and version 1.0PR this is beacuase i installed 1.0 over the PR version. Back to one mozilla now.

I think it the microvault software, but it not like normal software (not installed in program files or add/remove prgrams)


I have windows XP home SP2 and System restore is not an option along with repair or format

  wee eddie 23:02 25 Jan 2005

I have a PC(512Mg) and a Laptop(256Mg).

The time your PC takes sounds normal for my Laptop.

  Kev.Ifty 00:08 26 Jan 2005

You could try to find a program that is trying to boot up during the 'Start up' process. This maybe slowing things down.

Select, from the START menu. RUN then type MSCONFIG click the START UP tab. There you will find a list of the relevant programs.


It actually doesnt seem to be too bad for time to load.

  toni b 01:06 26 Jan 2005

after turning off the unwanted start up progs you could run disk cleaner and defrag your drive. Then try a programme from Ms called Bootvis click here this did improve my boot up time.I had a thread similar to this some time ago and after doing the above a removing my norton Security my system booted up around 35 seconds which is fine for me click here
click here

  ///A M G 09:39 26 Jan 2005

Thanks for the reply.

This is the situation in bit more clearly.

First here’s my computer specification:
P4 2.8GhZ
120GB Hard Drive.
Windows XP Home SP2

My normal boot time is about 17 Seconds to load to the Windows Logon screen [where all accounts are listed] and then a further 4 seconds to login and that includes all system tray icons [such as zonealarms and wireless network].

Firstly I found two Mozilla Firfox Browsers on my machine.
Firefox 1
Firefox PR

This happened because I have the PR version, then I downloaded the Firefox 1 and it installed over.

I uninstalled Firefox PR, then found my normal version one stopped working. When I tried to uninstall version 1 from the add/remove list it couldn’t find a certain Reg key.

I then reinstalled 1, then removed it. I don’t think it is this problem, but then again im not 100%

Now the second problem, which I believe is the problem was the software I installed when I purchased my Sony Microvault USM 256E pen drive.

Now I installed some software from the sony site:
Password Lock software
Auto Login software

They are both odd types of software as they install on the pen drive and on the computer.

The programs are not listed in the add/remove list, neither are there any folder in program files.

There was an uninstaller with one of the programs, however when I clicked uninstall it just said “restart to complete uninstall”
To me it seemed to quick.

Since those problem the computer has been running slow.
After the windows boot up screen [the one where that blue lines moves] it stays black, then after about 10 it shows the cursor. Then takes a further 10-20 secs to load to the login screen.

Once I enter my password, the “loading person settings stays for about 10 secs (normally 4 secs) and then take about 15 secs to load zonealarms and the wireless network.

After this I logout of my account, back in to another account its really fast [well back to normal speed]

So this problem only occurs at the startup process and the first account the computer log’s into.

I will send a Hijack this log and bootvis report.

HELP!!! Thanks

There are no odd start-up’s, all though I will send you a list of program, and see if anyone can spot what it is.

I have tried Defraging, and still the same speed. I have tried system machinics , and still slow.

  Sethhaniel 10:08 26 Jan 2005

as that has a setting to run invisible at bootup and could delay start ;)

  ///A M G 10:37 26 Jan 2005


  Sethhaniel 10:59 26 Jan 2005

hitting F8 during boot and then choose the "step by step" boot option to see where its hanging.

another thing I heard was that xp checks the monitor and this can be disabled for faster start -have to search for that though ;)

  ACOLYTE 11:02 26 Jan 2005

If its a password and lock program,it would make sence that it is a hidden file/folder to stop people messing with it,have you tried showing hidden files and folders,but as said your start up time is not to bad,you could try starting in safe mode in command prompt mode that way you can see what loads and where it is.

  wee eddie 11:06 26 Jan 2005

Your problem probably lies with Mozilla.

You say: "Firstly I found two Mozilla Firefox Browsers on my machine. Firefox 1 Firefox PR"

The likelihood is that when you download Firefox PR over the previously loaded version, PR relied on files from the previous version.

Sony Microvault's Password has to be able to work on PC's that do not have any special software installed. Which will explain why the software has to be installed on the Microvault. When you plug the Microvault into another PC there is a very small amount of information it must be loaded to allow the owner to operate the Password protection

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