Urgent: Drive D Very BAD

  [DELETED] 01:25 26 Aug 2003

Its happened twice now and i'm getting sick of it. When I turned on my computer and double clicked on a shortcut on the desktop that runs a program on Drive D. It failed and said something like cannot find the executable program. This didn't happen before so I checked it out. Double-clicked in my computer and viewed the contents of Drive D. All the folders and files in the drive were there but the names of the files and folders were like symbols and cannot be read. The drive is a 8 gigabyte drive but when i right-clicked to view the properties of the folders, the sizes were abnormal. Some were 4.96GB, 6.78GB, 9.89GB and going over the limit. But it said in the properties that only 5GB of the drive is used and 3GB free. The strangest thing was that when I viewed the properties of the files the modified date was 2098 and 2012. This was the same for all the contents in the drive and it was all rubbish. I scanned for viruses and none were detected. So i formatted it and hope that it will never happen the third time. Any ideas of the causes or better solutions? Please help.

  [DELETED] 02:14 26 Aug 2003

Have you run a full Scan/CheckDisk on the drive? Also what's the make and model?


  Diemmess 09:16 26 Aug 2003

I assume D: is a separate physical drive and not a partition on a single HDD?

With your experiences it is surely a matter of how far do you want to research this. The trouble seems to be limited to D: only which makes Megatyte's idea a must - to begin with.

After that it is posible(just), that the IDE controller or cable is faulty, but with an 8Gb disk there is a limit to how hard you should try. I wouldn't be happy with what seems to be a random scrambling of the disk read/write ability, and would consider binning it.

  hugh-265156 09:50 26 Aug 2003

what version of windows is this?the above is good advice,run the disk check and even if it is ok i would consider replacing it soon for peace of mind,if nothing else.

do you use norton disk doc? click here

or click here

click here

  [DELETED] 02:57 28 Aug 2003

I am using Windows ME version and I have a 30GB hard Drive. Partition C: 22GB and D: 8GB. The problem is that C: is fully functional with no problems but D: has all of its contents changed to foriegn like symbols and characters. When running scandisk C: has no problems but D: has a message, 'Scandisk cannot continue because a program such as a disk utility has locked this drive. Close the program or wait for it to finish. Then restart Scandisk'
I then ran Norton Disk Doctor but a message comes up saying, 'Error on hard disk 1 - An extended partition is invalid. An extended partition has invalid parameters and is probably inaccessible.
Correct this situation if you are unable to access partitions on hard disk 1.
Do you wish to continue. When clicking on YES a second message pops up saying, 'THe extended partition chain on hard disk 1 is invalid. IMPORTANT!!!
Make sure you back up ALL partitions on this hard disk, even non-DOS partitions, if you want Norton Disk Doctor to correct the Extended Partition Table.
Do you want Norton Disk Doctor to search for EXTENDED DOS partitions and rebuid the Partition Table. Any suggestions please advise,
Would it be better if I keep my 30GB hard disk as single Hard Disk i.e C: ONLY

I have ran FDISK and selected option 4,
display Partition information, only C: comes up as C: PARTITION=1, STATUS=A, TYPE=PRI DOS, SYSTEM=fat32, USAGE =70%.
But then Partition 2 has no letter, i.e (D:) STATUS=(BLANK), TYPE=EXTENDED DOS, USAGE=30%
What has caused the information in Partitional 2 to disappear?

  [DELETED] 03:17 28 Aug 2003

How did you install the drive? It sounds like there is a disk overlay on it.


  xania 20:04 28 Aug 2003

It seems that your partition table has become corrupted. You can try allowing NDD to rebuild the the Partition Table - I don't think you will do any harm and you could recover completely. Certainly, I don't think that the data is lost. However, if you already have a backup of all the data on the D;\ drive, I suggest the easiest approach is to delete and then reinstate the D:\ partition using either a partition manager or FDSIK. In the latter case in particular, you are best to reboot after deleting the D;\ parition before reinstating it.

  [DELETED] 01:04 29 Aug 2003

What do you mean by disk overlay, Megabyte, and how do I cure the problem. I have ran Fdisk and formatted the D: please advise

  [DELETED] 08:41 29 Aug 2003

An overlay is written to your disk by disk installation programs to overcome HDD size BIOS limitations. When your drive was installed did you have to use any such utility to get the BIOS to recognise your disks full capacity?


  [DELETED] 01:19 30 Aug 2003

When i installed my drive, my BIOS automatically recognised the capacity of my drive. Please Advise.

  [DELETED] 09:31 30 Aug 2003

xania and allow NDD to try and repair the logical partition. At the worst you will be no better off than you are now (unable to access it)and with a bit of luck it NDD may do the trick for you.


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