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Urgent advice for a faulty battery?

  tonyloono 18:07 21 Sep 2016

so I accidently damaged a Lipo battery when i opened my laptop to fix it. Now im not sure how i should store it to be safe from explosions. Help?

  bumpkin 19:53 21 Sep 2016

If you think it may explode then take it outside would seem like a logical first step.

  tonyloono 20:12 21 Sep 2016

unfortunately we are having a rainstorm so i cant put it outside since i have no containers

  wee eddie 00:10 22 Sep 2016

I would think that, if it is not connected to anything you should be pretty safe. If it is holding no charge you should be even safer

  mole44 04:55 22 Sep 2016

Wrap it in a plastic bag and put it outside or preferably take up your local tip for safe disposal.

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