Urgent Adive Needed After strange incident on my Desktop @ 5.55pm this evening!!!!

  julius44 22:16 12 Sep 2012

Hello and good evening to you all. I've been trying to log onto pc advisor website since around 6.15pm this evening, but the website seemed to be extremely slow and I was unable to log onto the site maybe this was due to the live iphone 5 launch being shown on webiste, i'm not sure lol.

Okay here goes, I have a desktop computer which runs windows 7, and attached to my desktop is my webcam which is the Microsoft lifecam HD-5000, and ive got some speakers and a subwoofer attached to my pc and ive got Kaspersky pure internet security, amd malware-bytes free edition.

I was tidying up my living room today, my pc was on but NOT in use, at approximately 5.55pm, I heard a distinct tapping sound coming from my speakers, it happended in quick succession, then it occured to me immediately that the it sounded familiar then i realised it was the sound of a keyboard!!! The tapping sound happened 3 times then it just stopped. I just looked at the desktop it was just on mail online webpage or something like that. Immediately I removed the usb wire for my webcam from my pc, and switched it off. i left the pc off for about 15 mins and i was thinking what the hell just happened and WHY was a keyboard sound coming from my dektop!! I switched back on my desktop, and webcam still plugged out, but ive been trying to log onto pc advisor website to post this incident only just got on now.

I consider my self a very IT savy chap, and Im very careful with websites I go to, and I scan EVERY item with my kaspersky before I open it on my desktop, I also have a smartfone and an android tablet and all of them have internet security on them. I'm totally baffled as to WHERE and why this sound was coming via my speakers, i'm scanning with kaspersky now.

Could my desktop have been compromised? I dont drink by the way, lol.

  woodchip 22:22 12 Sep 2012

Do not get Paranoid, PCA sit as been down as I could not get into web page, Plus I think there is something wrong on the Net. As some things work others not so good

  julius44 21:30 13 Sep 2012

Good evening to you all, i posted an accident that happened on my desktop pc yesterday, if someone can pleae advice me on what may have happened or what to do that would be much appreciated, thanks loadz


  rdave13 23:08 13 Sep 2012

It could have been interference picked up by your speakers of something like a mobile phone, electric motor, or similar, and sounded like keyboard clicks. Has it happened again?

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