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Urban Myth about slow computers?

  Tycho 17:56 16 Jun 2012

Just seen this on another forum:

*My cousin has been a top-man in Seattle...with Microsoft for some years.. He 'tipped' me years turn off auto updates... This is especially crucial when Microsoft introduce a new operating they deliberately slow your old one to persuade you to upgrade.. I have never allowed an auto update...never done any updates...and never had any slowing or problems with any of my machines...unlike others who do the updates...*

Does anyone know if there is any truth in this?


  Nontek 18:06 16 Jun 2012

I doubt it, I have always used Auto Update, not had any problems due to this in well over ten years.

  Ian in Northampton 19:33 16 Jun 2012

Personally, I think it's an urban myth. In my experience, PCs just get slower over time as they accumulate more crap, the registry gets more humongous and so on. (Although I guess that some of that 'more crap' may be MS updates...) A fresh install - in my case, anyway - will always restore my PC to its former speed. Virtually all my machines are still on XP (SP2, in fact) and I wouldn't upgrade any of them because they're running slowly.

  Tycho 12:39 17 Jun 2012

Interesting responses, thank you.

My experience is that I was given and old PC with XP newly installed. It was running desperately slowly (sometimes it could not keep up with my typing!) so I installed another 2GB of memory. That improved things a bit so in the end I bought another copy of XP from Amazon (It was a cut price one. Ex OEM) I installed it clean and let it take all the upgrades that there were. The speed was sort of OK but nothing special and it took ages to start up.

Having read the post that I quoted I thought that it might have been all the upgrades that had been installed and that the post could conceivably be correct.


  lotvic 12:40 17 Jun 2012

I have my updates set to Notify then I can choose which I want to download. Then I can further choose which to install and which to ignore via Custom install and tick/UNtick the boxes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 17 Jun 2012

Urban Myth

I have a fully update XP SP3 that runs as fast now as when I bought the machine in March 2005 with XP sp1 on it.

Keep it clear of the dross and it will be OK

I have posted many times on this forum of a few things to do to keep your machine running smoothly.

  Tycho 14:15 19 Jun 2012

Thanks to all for the opinions and advice.

I think that I will change to confirm updates and just select those that I need.

All the best.

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