Ur Thoughts on my Volkswagen Website Please :)

  VWPowered 15:09 01 Aug 2004

hi have been self taught in the internet game for about 3 years still learning this is my current website takes aprrox 100 hits a day and is about my hobby which is volkswagens

any ideas comments greatly recieved :)

  VWPowered 15:10 01 Aug 2004

oops forgot URL..

click here


  Talented Monkey 18:19 01 Aug 2004

First get rid of the splash page, what is point of clicking to Enter site? Only time these are needed are for multi-national companies where you need to select your language or country to access correct pages.

Frames.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh nuff said

Main page, whats that all about then? First took me a while to realize project MK1 and VW text were links then thought the middle badge must be a link too but it wasn’t.. personally I would have just a brief welcome message with some info about the site. Make some interesting graphic links to some of your web pages that people may not consider looking at.

If you must have the project MK1 and VW links on first page then make them smaller. Personally I don’t like having links to other sites too big on main pages as people are more likely to click them instead of your own links, you do not want to loose people as soon as they get to your site.

Forum what heck is this about? If I click a button called forum I expect to be taken there. I did get at first what I thought was a forum, but had gone horridly wrong and thought I would need to view it in a 640x480 resolution! That is until I realized it was just a graphic and a link. Why not just make the forum button go straight to your forums?

Fly by members club links change from the established white underline text link. I don’t like to see different text formatting on different pages.

Don’t call me a prude I am not! BUT from you links page I am within a couple of clicks from viewing hard and soft core porn. You should at least put a warning notice on your links page to say that people will be access porn by clicking the links and shouldn’t do so if they are offended by it or are under age etc

Ok hope this helps

  Talented Monkey 18:32 01 Aug 2004

i was going to say ditch the portal sites that the porn can be accessed from. you have enough quality links there to be of interest. You have heard of the expression quality not quantity.

You may attract more bigger names and companies to your site if you loose the tacky stuff. Some people with the links there may even get ultra fussy and demand you remove their link because it is placed next to such tacky portal sites.

  VWPowered 19:33 01 Aug 2004

portal sites do i take mean webrings..

  Talented Monkey 23:47 01 Aug 2004

no.. Top 100 type Sites that just contain 100 loosly related links.
.. but webrings can be just as bad!

  tomleady 11:10 02 Aug 2004

there is no need for frames.

if you really want the frames, then just have the links at the top, and the main content.

but definately git rid of the botom frame. it takes up so much space, and all it has is the date. pointless.

  VWPowered 15:38 02 Aug 2004

thanks guys am taking all this in :)

  woodbexhill 20:16 03 Aug 2004

The first thing that loaded on my page was the Google search bar. It's white and stands out a lot - I'm thinking to myself why you would want taht there. All it's going to do is draw people AWAY from your site if they choose to use the search function, apart from that - there's no way its going to benefit you. People will go to Google.com to search for pages instead of just visiting your site, so there's really no need for it in my opinion.

Another navigational issue which I've encountered is caused by the frames, I'm running on a 1280x1024 res and the frames are squashed within in the middle of the browswer window with loads of space around them, and, because they're 'squashed' I have to scroll just to see the majority of the main content areas.

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