upside down display on pc

  anniej 20:13 24 Nov 2004

desktop and all programs are running upside down - awkward to work with!

  Carpigiani 20:16 24 Nov 2004

Within Windows XP, certain video drivers or graphics card chipsets supporting 180 degree screen rotation can cause the Windows XP display to be presented upside down. This can be (but is not always) tied to lowering the screen resolution in some accessibility programs.

To revert to a right-side up display, hold down the CTRL, ALT and UP (arrow) keys.

Another option is to contact Microsoft for a fix. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information.

  Carpigiani 20:26 24 Nov 2004

Knowledgebase link click here

  Dorsai 20:31 24 Nov 2004

Either that, or someone has turned your Flat Panle TFT upside down as a joke.

  canard 23:26 24 Nov 2004

My updated Nvidia drivers have delivered the option at R end of taskbar to rotate at a click- rotation settings- has your graphics card software got similar set on 180 degrees?

  PSF 23:37 24 Nov 2004

The ATI drivers also have that choice. Right click the icon in the system tray, select your card and then option to rotate appears.

  anniej 12:06 25 Nov 2004

problem solved thank you - anniej

  Carpigiani 12:10 25 Nov 2004

Was it a TFT upside down?

  PSF 12:32 25 Nov 2004

Were you viewing Australian sites??? LOL

I reversed the screen to upside down on my sons pc and told him it was a virus! The reason I did it was because he would not check his AV updates. He did after the 'scare', he is the first to shout if something is not right on the pc, but will he look after it.....

  anniej 14:04 25 Nov 2004

problem solved with alt - control - up arrow - thank you!

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